Andy Kumar on Bigg Boss: Salman Khan is an incredible host and how people watch it for him

Andy Kumar has been a part of Bigg Boss 7. The actor, VJ, stylist, dancer and TV personality was quite popular in the house and grabbed much limelight.

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Andy Kumar

Andy Kumar has been a part of Bigg Boss 7. The actor, VJ, stylist, dancer and TV personality was quite popular in the house and grabbed much limelight. He enjoyed his journey as well, which is why talking about his experience, he recalls about the best part of the show, living in the house and of course, Salman Khan, the host of the reality show.

“Bigg Boss is an amazing show, and it's a very hard competition. I believe that since I've been on the show, it has changed significantly. So, if I were ever to return to the show, I would probably be starting from square one, trying to understand where to begin in today's world, with social media and fandoms playing such a major role in determining success or failure. However, perhaps I could be one of those individuals who, even without a massive fan base, could enter the show and just be myself. I think that's one aspect people have forgotten to embrace. After all, it's a reality show, a personality contest. You have to go in there and be authentic, whether people like it or not. You must stand firm in your beliefs and share them with the world. That authenticity seems to be missing from Bigg Boss now,” he says.

Praising the host and Bollywood superstar, he adds, “Salman Khan is an incredible host, and many people watch the show solely for him, let's be honest. Lately, it appears as though he might not want to continue with the show. I've heard numerous comments from YouTubers suggesting that he doesn't seem enthusiastic, but there could be various reasons for that. People don't always know what's happening in someone's life. It's possible to experience moments of low energy during parts of the show. Nevertheless, I'm confident that this time, with the incredible energy he's displaying in the promos, he'll make a strong comeback. As everyone says, he will light up the weekend episodes. So, I'm looking forward to that.”

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Many feel and Andy too agrees that “Bigg Boss has become a shortcut to success and fame”. He continues, “However, it has also become a means for people to realize that they aren't well-liked, which can hinder their chances of success or fame. It's a double-edged sword. If you perform well in the show and manage to display all facets of your personality without getting evicted in the first week, then perhaps you can achieve something. But nowadays, contestants are overly cautious and self-conscious, and they aren't being genuine. That's my primary concern when it comes to entering the show.”

Any expert tips for contestants? “My top advice for anyone considering participating in the show right now would be to hire a PR person to handle your public relations because it's necessary. Also, consider cultivating a fan following; it can be a significant advantage. Bring some stylish clothes, make a statement since you're on a show, and, most importantly, just be yourself. Show who you are and you might just win the show,” he signs off.

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