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Anas Rashid refuses to perform for STAR Parivaar Awards

Star Parivaar has its macho men Hussein, Shabbir and Shaleen Bhanot performing for The Awards.. But Anas Rashid, the hunk who plays Prithviraj Chauhan, has backed out.Read to know why...

Published: Wednesday,May 14, 2008 09:42 AM GMT-06:00
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As the Star Parivaar Awards looms closer, the family has a special surprise planned for its viewers. The Parivaar’s macho men, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Anas Rashid, Shaleen Bhanot and Hussein Kuwajerwala will be seen on stage geared up to give a power packed performance on some of Bollywood’s raciest numbers.

Anas Rashid refuses to perform for STAR Parivaar Awards
However, when Telly Buzz contacted Anas Rashid, the actor had a different story to share on the same. Anas says, “No I am not performing for STAR Parivaar Awards.” When asked the reason Anas replied, "There are numerous reasons for that. Firstly, they asked me to perform in my character, as Prithviraj, with a sword in hand, but I had to dance to Hrithik's number 'Azeem-O-Shan Shahenshah' from the film Jodhaa Akbar. I do not want to play with my character and exploit the sentiments of the viewers who see me playing their idol, Prithviraj. If I had to dance in casual attire and as Anas Rashid, then I would have no problem performing. But, I found it very humiliating for the character I play if I went ahead with what was proposed to me".

Adding further Anas says, “Another reason why I refused to do the special performance was because of my busy schedule. We are shooting a big fight sequence between Prithviraj and Ghori. It will be impossible for me to go to Mumbai taking a break from work and rehearse for the performance. So considering all these factors, I decided not to perform. However, I will surely go and attend the STAR Parivaar Awards function.”

Well, hats off to Anas Rashid as he is one actor who has surely managed to get into the skin of the character he plays!!

Reporter:Srividya Rajesh
Author: Melanie
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shreya_9 @shreya_9 12 years ago oh u r a very nice person anas...u r right at ur place...keep going on ur way...ue fans r with u always...
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Archana @Girl_2007 15 years ago wow!
that´s an excellent decision
first time im glad wid this actor
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Tiya @freezinme 15 years ago i think he has takn the right decision in all the ways!!
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Megha @universe_megha 15 years ago Anas has done the right thing! I support him! When Prithviraj Chauhan itself is such an impactful and huge character..why mix it up with a Bolly movie?? Television had become BIG..and channels should realize this before itz too late!! Go on Anas..appreciate your courage!!
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Rema @dmgluver1120 15 years ago l luv prithviraj chauhan, i mean to say that the whole concept is awsome!
sooooo many teens are hooked on, and its historical!
Hats off to the show...
Hats off to Anas
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Diya Patel @khushi4eva 15 years ago not to offend anybody but who was Prithviraj????? i kno major facts about Indian history but i never heard of him before...
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sita @sitakshii 15 years ago I WAS looking forward to watch his performanca at SPA!!!
as i am a great fan of anas !!

but the genuine reasons he gav eshows how sensible anas as an actor is & thanks a bunch anas for saving the grace of prithviraj by doing & dancing on a weirdo act !! at SPA !!!
WOW !! ANAS UR SUCH a dedicated actor & i really feel proud of u !!!!
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Aanchal @Aanchu.. 15 years ago wow today i am really fealing proud of anas being my prithvi
way to go man
u are too cool
u really impressed me
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Manasi @MaaU 15 years ago Wah!!Fantastic Ans By Anas...Go Anas Go :D
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VaRnI4Ever @VaRnI4Ever 15 years ago i love anas for caring about the audience's feelings! Go Anas!
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