Anand Suryavanshi bags a cameo in Ekta's 'Kya Dill Main Hai' on 9X

Ekta Kapoor is all ready with her second serial on 9x, Kya Dill Main Hai.. Anand Suryavanshi of Mamta fame is back to television, with a cameo in the serial.. Read for more details..

As the race for 9x is full on, some of Television's big names have bagged meaty roles in the fresh lineup of serials that the newly launched channel offers. With Production Houses like Balaji Telefilms trying to broaden their vision with their new shows for 9X, the actors getting a call from Ekta are sure to grab it with both hands. Another actor who has bagged a role in Ekta's next for 9x, is Mamta fame, Anand Suryavanshi. The actor will now be seen in a cameo role in the to-be-launched serial, Kya Dill Main Hai, which stars Aamir Ali and the new find, Abigail. The serial is slated to start from December 1st, and will occupy the weekend prime time slot of 8pm on Friday and Saturday.
We ask Anand Suryavanshi himself, about his role in the show, “I play a character called Aniket, opposite Anita. Aniket is a guy next door, who is quite positive. I like the character, he’s very simple and down to earth. It’s a 10-15 episode cameo,to begin with, but I am not sure yet, will just go with the flow”, says the actor.

A lesser known fact is that Anand was a part of Balaji’s Kasauti Zindagi Kii five years ago, and is now back with Balaji. “Its great to be back with Balaji. Well, I wouldn’t say that technically I am back, because it is just a short role, but yes, I havent worked with them after Kasauti and that was like five years ago, so yes, its been a big long gap.” When asked about the race for 9X, he replied, “I got this opportunity and I liked the character, and that’s why I went for it. 9X is a new emerging channel, it has certainly opened up opportunities for all, and I wish the channel the very best.”

After the serial Mamta ended, Anand was busy with rehearsals for an English play. "Now, it looks like the play might not happen, as my dates are clashing", says Anand as he signs off.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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i am looking forward for this serail bcoz saumya is playin the lead in it

16 years ago

er.. i wonder how much justice can ekta do to this wonderful actor? his role is bound to be butchered without any limits.

i don't about the rest of you but i do hope anand bags a bigger role from a non-ekta company & leaves her serial. ekta serials might do wonders to anand's popularity but she will NEVER be able to bring out the actor in him.

16 years ago

Thanks for the news anju :P and great cant wait for 1st december..*dreaming*

all the very Best Andy!

16 years ago

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