An Angel's Advise for our Stars...

Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhagiyaa uses the Angel Guidance Board to predict the love life of celebrities, Divyanka Tripathi, Ekta Kapoor, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Jatin Shah,Sakshi Tanwar and Jay Bhanushali...

Dr. Soniyaa P. Bhaagiyaa, a renowned therapist based in Mumbai, predicts the future using the Angel Guidance Board, for industry’s six most happening celebrities. An Angel Guidance Board is a chart that answers questions using divine angel powers. A dice is rolled, with special prayers and when asked a question, the angel guides us to the appropriate answer.

Our reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt reports the findings on the love life of the celebrities, as per Dr. Soniyaa’s Angel Guidance Board.

Divyanka Tripathi:

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She needs to have a lot of patience. If she continues to be patient about things and takes it easy, it will be good for her. This year, her love life goes great. There are chances of her finding her soul mate, provided she becomes expressive about it. If she changes the way of adapting to her own feelings, she’ll definitely get what she needs.

Advice: Be Expressive.
Ekta Kapoor:

There are very less chances of her having a healthy love life. There is no such question about a normal love life with her. Though there is no love yet in her life, marriage is on the cards sometime in the distant future. As of now, she will have to wait for the right moment. The person who she will end up with will be from this industry, though not directly, but he will some how be connected to television industry, may be financially involved.

Advice: Love and marriage are two different things. Though her love life seems dull, she will have to work out on marriage.

Shabbir Ahluwalia:

In the near future, there will be some very good things happening with respect to his love life. It shows that there is someone in his life, but they both will have to work really hard towards making this relationship. The person who he is currently with, has a great chance to being his soul mate.

Advice: Put some extra effort in this relationship.

Jatin Shah:

There are chances of him already having someone in his life. This year, there are very strong possibilities of his love life being strong, but that might not have a future.

Advice: You tend to let go things a lot, but at times, you need to stop letting go all the time, otherwise, someone might let go of you.

Sakshi Tanwar:

There are limited chances of her being in love this year. She has only one issue that is the control issue. She should be a little stress-free and take some spiritual healing for that. She will get her better half soon, if she works on her self, but as far as this year goes, the chances are quite less.

Advice: Go deeper into your emotional life.

Jay Bhanushali:

Influence of love in his life will be quite strong this year. The person who influences him strongly this year will have a strong chance of being his soul mate. There are possibilities of her being from this industry. He has too many things on his mind right now, and one of his possibilities is the girl, who may be from the industry. There are chances of few other criteria’s as well.

Advice: Choose wisely.

P.S: Doctor Soniyaa has been practicing various forms of physic therapy since quite a young age. For more information on Dr. Soniyaa’s Practices and to know more about the Angel Guidance Board, log on to:

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i love you shabbir!! aka my milind! come back soon!!!

16 years ago

i wish juhi hussain also could be there......nice article waise...

16 years ago

cool, thanks,
i wish there was something on rajeev and aamna

16 years ago

One has destiny in their hands no necessary what their cards say it is the final word. A person can change his destiny if he has full faith in himself.

16 years ago

ooo well i think shes rite bout EKTA KAPPOOOOOOR - hahahaha

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16 years ago

THANKs!!! a bunch tellybuzz ppl for making predictions for shabbir !!

16 years ago

I m sure panchi will be jay's soulmate they r just soo cute 2gether..

16 years ago

all the great fans of shabbir & panchi bora pair knows very well tht shabbir-panchi are true soulmates & all the crazy fans of shabbir-panchi pair want them to be together in real life !!! shabbir-panchi we all want u to be real life pair !!!

16 years ago

wow...nice article....i wish to read abt rajeev khandelwal,priyanka bassi and aamna..please

16 years ago

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