Amrita and Karan unite in Hamari Sister Didi!

Viewers of Hamari Sister Didi on Sony Pal will witness a happy end with Karan and Amrita coming together.

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With Sony Pal getting revamped on February 13, the shows of the same are ought to go off air too. TellyBuzz has earlier reported about how the viewers will see the end to these shows. The next similar update that we have brought in is about Hamari Sister Didi starring Pariva Pranati and Bhanu Uday.

Our source informs us, "Eventually, viewers will see Amrita (Pariva Pranati) feeling for Karan (Bhanu Uday). While all of this is happening, Karan gets to know that Khushi (Avneet Kaur) is his daughter. This is when the viewers will get to know the back story of Karan and how is Khushi his daughter. By the day, the story will start unfolding and eventually the show will see a happy ending with Karan and Amrita being together after facing all the hardships."

Well, with the end too, the show is filled with a lot of suspense. This surely will keep the audience gripped to the show till its last episode.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

Upasana Patel                       

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drsimran 6 years ago Nothing like that happened!! I am glad it didn't, but I felt that the marriage was forced. They could have shown Amrita acknowledging that she had feelings for Dr Karan and leaving it at that assuming to the audience that when the time was right Amrita will marry him. Or she was persuaded into marrying the traditional arranged marriage way, but by the kids saying that they need a father.
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..Aanchal.. 6 years ago hope to see hiten in HSD at least once before it ends..
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drsimran 6 years ago Will miss the show so much. Loved all the characters. I am not a fan of dragging storylines, but this should have gotten at least a year. All the actors were good! Even the issues of patients were real and interesting. There are so many social issues that could have been shown, like adoption, child molestation and HIV.
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Mogwai 6 years ago Glad HSD will end on a happy note. Looking forward to the truth about Khushi. But I will really miss the show...such a shame it's ending so soon!
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veenisha 6 years ago Sounds really interesting :D ... It's Gud show :)
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Shaina_b 6 years ago Good to see a happy ending!!!!

But how can Khushi pe Karan's daughter??

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