Amrapali's Bold Filmy Aspirations!

Bindiya of Teen Bahuraniyan, Amrapali talks about her aspirations to make it big in Films. Read on!

Amrapali who essays the role of Bindiya in Zee TV's Teen Bahuraniyan is not content playing a sati savitri on small screen. She says, "I want to move to the big screen." This lucknow lass feels that "Although television does give name and fame, you are never known as yourself, but always as the character. I need to be remembered as myself".

So what type of roles are you looking at ?, "I am smart enough to know I will not get a major lead so fast, hence would be happy even with a side role". What about bold roles? "Why not, I have done a Rakhi Sawant type of video, before", she remarked nonchalantly !

But will this not harm your character's prospect? "Yes that's why I will never wear a bikini or go in the buff. What I meant was that I am quite comfortable wearing short skirts and tank top. Many TV chics wear such mod clothes!, so why not me". she ended.

Reporter: Anil Merani
Author: Anil Merani

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Rakhi Sawant

Comments (8)

She's really good in TB as Bindiya..
And she's amazing..

16 years ago

ya she's quite pretty. She was also in some old show on Star One called Hey Yehi Toh Hain Woh... hope she makes it big

16 years ago

I like her eyes. they are naturally green

16 years ago

She's very cute looking, like a little kid, and nice actress too... all the best to you, thanks for the article!

16 years ago

i luv her as bindya....she's jus amazing..lets hope she does make it big in Bolly

16 years ago

wow i love her character as Bindiya..
shes awesome

16 years ago

She is just so adorable. I love her alllot

16 years ago

O I really loved her in Teen Bahuraniyan...Infact, I love all three bahu's but she'z the cutest one.

16 years ago

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