Amrapali Gupta on Fashion...

Amrapali Gupta, fondly known as the talkative, effervescent Bindi of Teen Bahuraniyaan, strikes a charm with her fashion statement here, in our weekly dose on Fashion...

So Amrapali, what does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashion is the way you carry yourself. You can wear any outfit but it’s all about how different you look from the person next to you.

Do you prefer making your own style statement, or do you just follow the trend?

I would definitely make my own style statement. In fact, I am very particular when it comes to dressing up. I go all the way by wearing matching shoes, accessories with my clothes.

So are you fond of accessories? What’s your favorite there?

Oh yes, I love to accessorize. I would love to use bead chains…

A must-have in your purse?


What’s your comfort wear?

Mostly one pieces, midis, skirts, dresses.

Your destination, if on a shopping spree?

Abroad it would definitely have to be Europe, Mauritius and Bangkok. In Mumbai, I love shopping in Lokhandwala, and being a Lucknowi girl, I buy a lot of stuff at a place called Aminabaad.

Who, according to you, is the best dressed in the glamour world?

Umm…..(pauses)… Amrapali Gupta (laughs). Seriously, I think the best dressed would have to be Sangeeta Ghosh. She is one person who has the perfect figure to carry off any outfit. Karishma Tannaa and Mandira Bedi are well dressed too.

And what’s the expensive outfit you own in your wardrobe?

Most expensive, did you say?? Hmmm… I guess it would have to be the sari I wore for the Zee Rishton Ka Utsav function. It cost me a bomb, but it was a fabulous outfit and I loved it.

On a whim, we asked her; If given a chance, whom would you design for, in the entertainment industry?

Oh, (laughing), it would be Shahrukh Khan.

Any Make-up Tip for the readers?

This is something that works for me and I follow it religiously. Drink a glass of hot water every morning. It helps lose unnecessary fat and helps you stay lean and in shape.

What about a fashion tip for fans?

Nothing specific! Just wear what you feel comfortable in, and whatever you think looks good on you. And you will definitely look gorgeous.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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so what she's short?! aren't short girls pretty??? height isn't all matters how you carry yourself! she's pretty and petite...

15 years ago

she seems really nice in real life!! thats a really good thing.. i luv her eyes.. shes soo pretty!

16 years ago

thnxx 4 d article..gud answers frm our vry own bindi...

16 years ago

ooooooh!even i pick up things 4rm aminabad in lknw.......nice article..thanxxxxxxxx

16 years ago is drinking water related to make-up? :S

but i've heard alot of ppl doing that and saying it's good for you...i haven't tried it personally so i dont really know if i believe in it.

thanks for the article

16 years ago

thanx for the article.....

she is one bubbly sort of gal.....

love her in teen bahuraniya

16 years ago

it looks like she knows how to carry herself gracfully.. and yes the saree she wore ZRKU is very stunning.

16 years ago

Amrapali rocks TB. She looks very gorgeous according to me:D

16 years ago

i like Amrapali!!!! she's very sweet and cute!!! =D

thanx for the article!!!

16 years ago

aww she's so cute and soooo fashionable..her saris rock in TB! thanks for this

16 years ago

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