Amrapali Gupta gifts hubby a Fortuner for safety!

I was extremely scared when I heard of a live wire falling on Yash's car – Amrapali Gupta

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Beautiful lady Amrapali Gupta gifted her husband, Yash Sinha a Fortuner today.

And no it is not an occasion, birthday or their anniversary. So what could be the reason behind the gift? Let's hear it from the actor herself.

Amrapali said, "Yash is currently shooting for a lot of episodic shows. He shot for Code Red recently and during his travel to one of the locations ahead of Naigaon, a live wire happened to fall on his car. Thankfully the driver raced the car and the wire bumped off. I was extremely scared when I heard of the incident as the accident could cause him grave injures."

"I hence decided to gift him a car which is compact and steady. I bought a car which is silk golden in colour because he loves that shade." She added.


Amrapali also mentioned of the tussle he got in with a villager who brutally bet his girl child during one of his shoots. The entire village was on the verge of beating him up because he stood in support of non-violence against the girl.

She quipped, "I am proud that he stood up for the girl but such nuances can cause fights and conspiracies which could lead to an attack or something. A rough and tough car will help him feel safer while travelling to places which are far from the city."

When we called Yash to know about his excitement on receiving the gift, he averred, "I feel that I have the most loving wife in this whole world! The incident of a live wire falling on my car scared her. She was teary eyed when I narrated the incident and she told me that she has bought me a surprise gift. I am very happy and excited to take her for a long drive in the car." 

Well, all's well that ends well. Happy shopping Amrapali and Yash!

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Comments (4)

Fortuner! That's good shopping Amrapali Gupta. Lovely Saree and kudos to her draping style.

8 years ago

Amrapali Gupta and Yash Sinha ...
<3 Love You Both Loads... Bindiya and Rohit Gheewala... :D Glad to see yaa guys as real life couple even after the show..!!

8 years ago

Your a wonderful wife and person Amrapalli Gupta! Love u in your many avatars on Qubool Hai!! Keep rocking girl!!

8 years ago

Really proud of Aamrapali... She's an inspiration to many woman who dream and wanna achieve big for their near and dear ones.

8 years ago

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