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Amita ka Amit cast visited Siddhivanyak Temple

The team of Sony TV’s show Amita Ka Amit takes Bappa’s blessings at Siddhivinayak Temple…

Sony Entertainment Television's show Amita ka Amit which won the hearts of millions of its viewers will soon end in the coming days but its cast is leaving now chance to enjoy some special moments with each other. A little birdie from the crew told us that recently the whole cast of Amita ka Amit visited the famous temple Siddhivanyak to seek the blessing of Ganpati Bappa.

As the cast knew it is an end of this beautiful journey they thought the best way to end is getting the blessings of Ganpati and promising to be in touch with each other.

Talking about it Chandani Bhagwananai aka Amita said with a heavy heart, "We all knew that our beautiful journey will soon be ending so we decided that we enjoy our last few days to the fullest. It was really amazing to be there, we went in the early mornings and that too we walked up from our homes to the temple It was so magical to just be there and seek the blessings with your special people beside you."


Chandni Bhagwanani Amita Ka Amit  Sony TV 

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ohmygodurgreat 6 years ago The show has ended but it will continue to live in all our hearts. Love Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani :)
rishonarachel 6 years ago Amita Ka Amit rockss.Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani u both r super actors love u soo much nd miss u.
grintson 6 years ago this is not the end... everything happens for good.. i hope god blesses u both with bright future.. will always remember u as Amit n Amita.. love u from the bottom of my heart Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani
ohmygodurgreat 6 years ago Very sad that we only have 4 more episodes left to watch. Will miss Amita Ka Amit badly. Love Nishad Vaidya, Chandni Bhagwanani and the whole team of Amita Ka Amit.
ILOVEAKA 6 years ago This is such a beautiful show...Nishad Vaidya nd Chandni Bhagwanani they have done a great job nd i will miss Amit nd Amita the most ..;-(2013-12-13 10:37:49
ohmygodurgreat 6 years ago May Lord Siddhivinayak bless all the people associated with the show Amita Ka Amit. Amita Ka Amit will always remain in my heart. Loved the show. It will be deeply missed. Love Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani for giving us Amita and Amit.
lily.lotus.rosy 6 years ago Deva ho deva Ganpati deva tumse badhkar kaun swami tumse badhkar kaun? Aur Amita Ka Amit ke bhaktjano mein humse badhkar kaun?? Long live Amita Ka Amit!!
guy3 6 years ago Amita ka Amit is a wonderful show with an excellent cast. I am very sad that it is ending. I wish the cast and crew all the very best in their future endeavours
rishonarachel 6 years ago Amita Ka Amit is a very lovely show nd beautiful story line.thanks to swastik for the wonderful show.
The leada actor Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani acting is super nd natural they both make me badly love with ami nd amita.
I love love amita ka amit nd i miss them soo much.amita ka amit rocks.
Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani may deserv to get a best best Leads Roles in there life :-)2013-12-12 11:01:20
grintson 6 years ago cant express the loss.. this show has been my reason to watch TV.. its fresh story with excellent actors like Nishad Vaidya, chandni bhagwanani and others touched my heart and i will always miss and love this show. thank u swastik for dis b'ful show.
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