Amber Dhara Celebrate Children's Day in Grand Style!

AmberDhara Celebrate Children's Day with underpriviledged girls of the KC Mahindra Trust. Read on...

Amber Dhara are two girls with one mission, that is to spread joy and laughter wherever they go. By showring the much needed love and affection, these two girls are certainly out to teach everyone to live life to the fullest.

Recently Amber Dhara paid a visit to the KC Mahindra Education Trust in Bandra, Mumbai where they spent an entire afternoon with the underprivileged young girls who are supported by the foundation. The girls made sure they left no stone unturned to keep the young kids of the school happy and cheerful.

Amber Dhara were given a warm welcome by the trust, and what followed was a fun filled afternoon filled with laughter, dance, games and nice sumptuous food for the kids. It was the most ideal Children’s Day that the young kids could have had, and Amber Dhara in return, should have got moer confident to face their hurdles in life..

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Reporter: Piyush Rathi

Author: Rachita . S.

Pictures: Piyush Rathi

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Comments (3)

thats nice of them..but are they supposed to be attached in public to???i dont

16 years ago

wow..tats sweet of them...btw..y are they still attached together in public? to give the amber-dhara look?

16 years ago

Now that's using your fame and money in the right way! Great job to Amber Dhara!

16 years ago

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