Amba turns out to be Ammaji's daughter in Na Aana Is Desh Laado

Well, the real motive behind Daku Amba harassing Ammaji in COLORS' Na Aana Is Desh Laado will be out in tonight's episode..

Tonight's episode of COLORS and Shakuntalam Telefilms' Na Aana Is Desh Laado will reveal to the audience the real motto behind the entry of Daku Amba (Shikha Singh) into the life of the tormentor Ammaji (Meghna Malik).

Ammaji and her sons have been harassed left right and centre by Amba, but nobody knows why she has been doing this.

Tonight's episode will bring in the revelation that Amba is actually the daughter of Ammaji, who she had abandoned years back. The girl has been brought up by a thai who happens to be in the troupe of Dakus. Amba is now back into Ammaji's life to avenge her mother and brothers.

According to our source, "The truth will be revealed in tonight's episode to the viewers. Amba will be shown to have a dream wherein she is talking to the Thai who has brought her up. The Thai tells her that enough is enough, and now that she has troubled Ammaji and others in the family to her heart's content, she needs to get back now. To this, Amba in her dreams utters that 'Yeh maa beti ki ladaai hai' (This is a fight between mother and daughter), and this has to go on".

However, nobody in the family will know of this fact, including Ammaji.

Well, kudos to those who guessed this fact by watching the umpteen similarities in mannerisms between Ammaji and Amba..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (19)

need a good ending fr this track......with ammaji defeated fr once...

14 years ago

we knew it but what r ur next step.i'm very crazy 2 see it

14 years ago

this had to happen.. it was obvious the way amba is!!! but awesome and fun drama it is!!! sword fight between two women!!!!

14 years ago

want her to teach amma ji a lesson fr ever

14 years ago

knew it from the day she entered the shows are damn predictable

14 years ago

Knew this already.
But what'll ammaji do when she comes to know the truth?

14 years ago

knew it! but anyways.....LOVE amba (shikha) she's doing an awesome job of getting back at ammaji

14 years ago

omg! i knoew tht too!! its getting interestin day by day!!

14 years ago

We already know that ....... but what will be Ammaji's reaction ......

14 years ago

I guess everyone knew about it except the CVs and PH.

14 years ago

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