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Aloo Chaat - Sneak Peek.

How does this Aloo Chaat tastes?

Published: Saturday,Feb 21, 2009 15:17 PM GMT-07:00
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What do you do when your entire family is against the bride of your choice? Do you replace your family? Or do you replace the bride? Or do you make an aloo-chaat of your life?

Aloo Chaat the film, is rich in masala - with plots within sub-plots, with wisecracks dripping endlessly like that tangy chutney, and is a treat that you don't want to miss.
It tickles you, shakes you, rattles you, gags you as it takes you through the narrow lanes and equally narrow minds of orthodox Delhi parents, to a wider world of love and romance, and an unexpected twist in the tale...

Character Introduction.

1.    NIKHIL (Aftab Shivadasani): Nikhil is a forward thinking young man who works in a multinational bank in America. He originally hails from Delhi, and is coming home to visit his family in India.

2.    AAMNA (Aamna Sharif) plays Nikhil's love interest in the film. She also stays in America but is a complete Indian at heart. She is a mild mannered girl who has a modern outlook towards life but at the same time truly respects Indian culture and traditions. 

3.    NIKKI (Linda) Nikki is an American who wants to settle down in India. She is greatly fascinated by the Indian culture, and believes her true calling is embracing the Indian way of being.

4.    HAKEEM TARACHAND (Manoj Pahwa) Hakeem Tarachand is a gregarious Punjabi fellow with a great sense of humuor. He is a sexologist who runs a clinic in Lajpat Nagar. He has a very broad minded outlook towards life, and has a solution for all problems.

5.    PURSHOTTAM JI (Kulbushan Kharbanda)  Purshottamji owns an auto spare parts shop in Lajpat Nagar. He is the patriarchal head of the family, whose decision  on any family matters, is always binding.

6.    CHHADAMI (Sanjay Mishra) Chhadami is Seeto's brother who came into the family at the time of Purshottamji and Seeto's marriage, and is still living with them. He, in the past was betrayed by an American woman so he despises any American national or anything connected to America

7.    SEETO (Meenakshi)  Seeto is a typical Indian house wife who always sticks by her husband on whatever he says. She is highly emotional, and has the potential to transform any situation in the household into a dramatic saga of grave significance.

8.    BEEJI (Dolly Ahluwalia) She is the grandmother of the house or rather the whole neighbourhood. She is a very spirited individual, who no matter what, would always speak her mind. 

This was a sneak-peek through 'Aloo Chaat'. So, what you feel about it tempting, delicious , tasty or nasty?

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