'All this has happened for a particular reason' - Jennifer Winget

Will Ganga and Saagar unite in the near future? With Saagar away from her life, how will Ganga move ahead in life? Here is Jennifer Winget answering all the queries..

The love story of Saagar and Ganga in Star Plus' Sangam has taken the same route traversed by many a lovers in the past; the love birds find themselves away from each other, and with more hurdles to cross before they ultimately meet, the viewers are in for some testing times as well.

Will Saagar and Ganga unite in the near future? Let us get some insight on the future track from the pretty damsel Jennifer Winget, who plays Ganga. It’s really sad that Saagar and Ganga are separated. “I know, but all has happened for a particular reason”, says Jennifer in a comforting tone. What is in store for Ganga now? “Ganga will get mature, bold and more subtle in this phase. With Kaveri and Khurana helping out, Ganga will get independent, and she will proceed towards fulfilling her father’s dream of opening the school.”

Will Saagar and Ganga meet in the near future? “Saagar assumes that his love, Ganga is dead. Ganga feels that Saagar has betrayed her. Saagar is surely an integral part of Ganga’s memory, but they will not meet soon. There will be many hit-and-miss incidents, but they both will not come face to face. The viewers need to wait longer for Saagar and Ganga’s union”, says the actress. “Par Ganga Saagar se milegi zaroor”, says Jennifer to lift up the spirits of her fans..

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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@guessgallery: who is mahi?
nice article

16 years ago

i hate the way how they both dun meet bein at one house also at times

16 years ago

omg they are not gonna meet soon???

16 years ago

thankz for the article.. arent they dragging the meeting of Ganga and Sagar a bit too much?

16 years ago

Thanks for sharing I hope SG reunite again.

16 years ago

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16 years ago

ohhhhhhhhhhh ... not yet .... thts tooo much .. hope they meet sooon ....

16 years ago

omg arghhhh still not close to meetin arghhhh! dats so annoyin...as much as i like dis show dis long gap between sagar n ganga not meeting in going way to long now!

16 years ago

I hope sagar and ganga reunite but as we know in serial nothing comes for free.

16 years ago

awww thanx alot..hope they meet soon

16 years ago

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