All India National level Paanchvi Pass examination

Shocking results at All India National level Paanchvi Passexamination as Doctors, Lawyers, MBAs bow in front of 10-year-olds

Published: Saturday,Apr 12, 2008 16:24 PM GMT-06:00
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Somehow the concept of Adults answering Paanchvi class questions seemed very easy task and practically a sweeps for anybody until last night a group of 20 professionals took a 20 minutes All India Paanchvi pass exam.

These groups included well groomed and confident adults from all walks of life, adults with stream of degrees behind their name plates who sportingly came to take the exam. Doctors, Interior designers, MBAs, Lawyers, Radio jockeys, Disk jockeys, Video jockeys, teachers, housewives, stock brokers, bankers, Actors, kids, sportsmen, retailers, stock brokers walked into the examination with confidence, but what happened later is something that was a complete shocker.

The confident bunch of professionals who went inside came out with a confused expression trying to reason out answers to some fifth grade questions. Sources say that group of learned MBAs were found cheating from 10-year-olds in the examination centre. Actors like Aloknath, Reshmi Ghosh, Parul Patel, Manav Vij, Aaditi Gupta, Harshad Chopra, Lubna Salim, Irfan Hossein, Abhaas Joshi also took the exam and were happy to spend an unusual evening at the exam center.

After twenty minutes, when the final results were declared the grown-ups didn't know where to look and burst out laughing at their own performances. Following were the group scores.

Lawyers 50%

TV celebs 52%

Stock brokers 55%

MBA 56%

Retailors/bankers/graphic designers 60%
Interior designers 61%
Housewives/Doctors 62%
Teachers 64%
Sportsmen 65%
Radio Jockeys 66%
Kids 70%

Later Prem Kamath, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Star Plus gave away the trophy to the First Ranker who scored the highest marks individually-Abhishek who is a teacher by profession.

All the Kids were also presented with the Paanchvi Pass trophy and received a gift voucher from 24X7 Guru.com. The children were elated and so were the group of RJs who stood second on the cumulative ranking.

But the icing of the cake was that the journalists, inspite of being so wrapped up with work that mainly revolves around the lives of television and film artists, proved themselves to be smarter than 5th graders by scoring a 63 percentile, which was above the MBA, TV Celebs, and Doctors' groups. Now ain't that something for all us journos to cheer about?

In the midst of the fan-fare, everybody seemed to have gone into their Paanchvi Pass days as the conference was filled with excitement, enjoyment and curiosity about Kya aap Paanchvi Pass se tez hain? premiering on Star Plus on April 25, 8 pm.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

Salim Manav Vij Reshmi Ghosh Joshi Lubna Salim Harshad Chopda Irfan Hossein

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-Alina- 11 years ago Harshad come Back soon !!! We miss you !!
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Star_on_earth 14 years ago lol..dat was interesting!! but how do u expect to remember wat we learned in 5th grade..
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Jaslove 14 years ago lolz the kids did better then the adults...imao
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angelic eyes
angelic eyes 14 years ago Thanxx a lot 4 the article..Great way 2 promote..lukin fwd 4 the show..i m sure SRK is gonna rock it..Aww..Harsh luked soo cutee..
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Sara_DONT_ASK 14 years ago Now this seems interesting...waiting for the show eagerly..!!!
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-aweshome_moi- 14 years ago Awwww...Harsh and Additi lookin sho shweeeetttt...
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Rabba-Ve-Delena 14 years ago haha!! kl kl! Thanks!

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iiHEARTyu-x0 14 years ago YYeeeSSSsss,FiinnAAAaaLLyyY CcAAnnT WWaAiiTT t0 waTTccChh iiTTt
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bollycrazy 14 years ago LOL!! Show's sounding reallyyy good!

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bips 14 years ago what a cool and unique concept to promote a show.. everyone must have had a blast :)
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