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Alka Yagnik floored by singing prodigies on VOI Chhote Ustaad...

Alka Yagnik floored by singing prodigies at Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaad...

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As the show takes a more serious turn with seven nanhe stars singing away to glory in the race to become Amul's Star Voice of India Chhote Ustad, the show sees more stars and celebrities gracing the sets and wanting to meet these singing prodigies.

This Saturday, the viewers are in for a treat as Alka Yagnik takes her seat as a celebrity judge in the Retro Raat which celebrates the golden period of Indian music and pays tribute to the legendary Kishore Kumar, Rafi , Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale, Manna De and many more who have become immortal with their everlasting music.

To keep up to the mood of the evening, the judges and the little kids were dressed colourfully with bell-bottoms and bumble-bee glasses; like the stars from 70s and 80s. And it didn't stop at this; Abhaas and Kunal Ganjawala went into the Sholay trance and did the Jai-Veeru act while Shreya Ghoshal, usually known for her soberness, quickly image changed into Basanti and mimed Hema malini. Also Yaadon ki Baraat was recreated as Abhaas, Kunal Ganjawala and Pritam did a small parody on the title song. Truly the mood was retro!

Amongst all this fun, Alka Yagnik referred to Shaan and Abhijeet whose presence was missed on the Star Voice of India sets. "Coming on Star Voice of India Chhote Ustad is like coming to my home ground. I had judged the first season of Star voice of India and coming back here is like coming back to my family. I am missing Shaan, Abhijeet here", she said.

Anvesha, Prakriti, Jayant, Vyom, Sonia, Aishwarya, Areeb rocked the stage as they sang one melodious songs after another leaving everybody nostalgic with the musical and titillating number from 70s and 80s. While all the kids performed their songs par excellence, Alka yagnik who was completely floored by Aishwarya's singing, promptly removed her gold chain and gave it to Aishwarya. "In fact, I rang up Gajendra Singh to say that Aishwarya is an excellent singers and I am looking forward to hearing her in person", said Alka Yagnik on this emotional moment. She was also happy with fact that girls are finally recognized unlike earlier when she was judging the show. Also she congratulated the Chhote Ustad team for giving this platform to young kids who are the future of the music industry.

Stay tuned for more excitement and music on Amul STAR Voice of India – CHHOTE USTAAD, Fri & Sat, Jan 18 & 19 at 10 p.m. only on STAR Plus!!


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Haya25 9 years ago o wow ALKA G,,,,i am biggest fan of her...
classy_guy 12 years ago This content is hidden.
kiti_g 12 years ago This content is hidden.
*Jaya* 12 years ago This content is hidden.
mishcutie90 12 years ago aishwarya and anwesha both r gr8 singers
SiriuslySujal 12 years ago Aishwarya is definitely an excellent singer. I like her much better than Anwesha, who just seems to copy the original voice of every song she sings rather than using her own (e.g. her Mere Dholna was sung, though excellently, in as close a voice to Shreya's as you could get). Good choice Alka! :-D
m145665 12 years ago This content is hidden.
advil 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Anuradha 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Bella89 12 years ago nice article.....but i would rather she chose anvesha......she is the best among the seven
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