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Ali Merchant and Raja Chaudhary to enter Bigg Boss?

The grapevine has it that Ali Merchant and Raja Chaudhary might in all probability be roped into the Bigg Boss house sooner or later, to create more controversies...

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The great Khali's entry into the Bigg Boss house has really brought some semblance, as the atmosphere seems to be bit more relaxed and chilled out. But the channel and production house are apparently planning to bring in two names to set the house on fire!!

A little birdie tells us, "The channel seems to be continuing with the ploy of pitting together real life pairs, after the success they got last year with the couple Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar being in the house. With the so-called love story of Sara Khan and Ashmit Patel getting stronger by the day, the channel and production house have now approached Ali Merchant to enter the house. If this is not enough, hell will break loose in Shweta's life as her ex-husband Raja Chaudhary has also been offered a chance to get into the Bigg Boss house again!!".

We hear that Ali's prior commitment with Bandini might hamper his decision, but if all goes well, he is expected to enter the house in the third month of Bigg Boss, that is in the last phase of the show. It is heard that Raja is a bit unhappy with the money he is being offered to be part of the show, that too for the second time.

As far as Shweta is concerned, it will be interesting to see how Raja reacts after Shweta has publicly revealed that there is a special someone in her life!! And we wonder what Shweta has to say about Raja's recent heroism of breaking into her beau Abhinav Kohli's house and threatening him?

When contacted, Ali Merchant told TellyBuzz, "No, it is not true. I won't enter the Bigg Boss house even if they call me".

We tried calling Raja Chaudhary, but he remained unavailable.

Let's see whether the channel succeeds in its plans of creating more controversies inside the house!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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pinky no1
pinky no1 10 years ago if its true Shweta shuld leave dis crap show,feeling sad for Shweta
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Preeti.xo 10 years ago OMG if this news is true den Shweta and Sara are gone.
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sanaya-groverz 10 years ago if ali enters den sara wl b shot dead....:)
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DancingRani 10 years ago Ali should come back and give sara the tears of her life :)
and raja.. omgsh WHY ?! he'll make shweta's life HELLL in that showw.. he'll probably try to hurt her again..
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Vaibhav.sharma 10 years ago Evry1 is showing their true colours..sara first shows that she broke up with Ali by tearing her photos on need of that if she had broken up then y has she brought d pics in bigg boss house n then tearing it in front of d camera..really CHEAP of her..and if Ali enters d show it will b good as at least sarah's true face will come out..
Abt raja he must not enter d house for two reasons that he was already in bigg boss b4 and two that he will purposely want to create publicity and issues out of small thing which is totally not what ppl want..2010-10-22 05:42:14
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heer_chopra 10 years ago sara showed her true colors. She is sooooo cheap POOR ALI. It was shown on sbs that ashmit and ali are good friends.
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Autumnn 10 years ago Thanks but No Thanks..

Dont want both of them.. let them be out of the house.. and what is the guarantee that Sara will stay till the last when Ali is suppose to enter.. lolz
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Lady_Impala 10 years ago this will be interesting. i just hope ali comes in and tells sara off on national television.
he definetly needs someone better than sar..such a cheap trash. and whats with this raja guy. think he is a celebrity, i dont think so.dream on dude. felt sorry for you in nach baliye but not anymore
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shivani003 10 years ago Screw it!!!! I have had more than enuf of Sara n Trashmit. Not Ali!!! Ewww never!
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TheRowdiest 10 years ago come to BB Raja aur Tiwari (manoj) ki band baja do
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