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Alex and Shama, a couple?

The buzz is that Alex O Neil and Shama Sikander are dating each other

Alex O Neil and Shweta Keswani got married in the most extravagant manner not just in one style but four different styles. The couple got into the limelight after their participation in Nach Baliye. But this year the duo parted ways after their divorce.

But the latest buzz in the industry is about the new girl in Alex's life and we hear the girl is none other than the vivacious Shama Sikander.

Both of them were spotted together at various events and parties.

When Telly Buzz contacted Shama Sikandar, we got the usual, "Nothing is between us I am very much single."

Alex O' Neil was unavailable for comments.

Let's see how this relationship shapes up.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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SweetSona2010 9 years ago Sorry, I saw people's comment on my remark over alex & the western stuff today! I was never a rascist. It is just that when i read the news I suddenly remembered Aishwarya Rai's dialogue in the movie "Bride & Prejudice" where she says that most of the divorces take place in America where people have love marriage! I was not in a good mood & out of irritation whatever came in my mind I wrote it down. It was irresponsible of me. I agree! Well I have been a little hurt especially the way in which people reacted to my remark. I had no intention to hurt any one.
yipee 9 years ago oh my god when did he and shweta part? pata hi nahin chala
FingerFetish 9 years ago What's with the racism peeps? I'm sure you can convey your distaste in this news by avoiding terms such as 'white' and 'westerner'. Clearly you have not been taught the rules of respect and acceptance.

@Sweet_Sona - Not so sweet as your IF name ;) Just because a relationship doesn't work out, does not mean that you blame the 'westerners'. LOL are you even educated? Clearly not... So and so didn't agree with one another, oh well that must mean one of their generations had 'westerner' genes lurking within their blood. HAHA!

Get a life!

PS. Shweta is beautiful, she can do much better :)
Rightful_Life 9 years ago dat's really said.i really can't understand dese celebs.ek ke saath relationship todte hain,then jhat se kisi aur ke saath relationship jodte hain!relationships r like a joke 4 them
nimmy28 9 years ago V Stop being racist BODMONN...2011-06-12 22:00:43
Khaira09 9 years ago ewww hes sooo ugly!!! desi munde maar gaye sare???!!!!
pooja-menon 9 years ago That's a sad news..I really liked Shweta and Alex together...I thought they were in love...sad news...:(((
416905 9 years ago I didn't even know SHweta and Alex had separated. that's too bad. I liked them together.
UDman 9 years ago @SweetSona2010

You are an idiot. That is all.
second_chances 9 years ago @ SweetSona2010 please dont stereotype all westerners into dicorce seeking people. not all are like that and even in our communities, divorce rates are going higher and higher.
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