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Alekh to unite Shlok and Sadhana?

The next highpoint in Bidaai will be that Alekh will try his best to unite his doctor friend Shlok and his wife Sadhana..

Published: Wednesday,May 13, 2009 16:20 PM GMT-06:00
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Alekh to unite Shlok and Sadhana?
Star Plus' Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai, produced by Rajan Shahi saw a major twist this week with Alekh aka Angad Hasija leaving home without the notice of his family members.

The present track focuses on Alekh suffering from a guilt complex, after the tragic accident involving Sadhana (Sara Khan) where he could not prove to be a protective husband to his wife.

This week saw major drama with Alekh walking out of the house in the midst of the party celebrations thrown in by Rajvanshs' for Alekh and Sadhana. According to our source, "Alekh will be found and brought back to the family in the coming episodes. But there will be a highpoint where Alekh will try hard to unite Shlok (Puneet Tejwani) and his wife Sadhana (Sara Khan). This reaction of his, again stems from the fact that Alekh feels Sadhana deserves a more caring and protective husband when compared to him".

Will Shlok be able to figure out Alekh's plans? What has Sadhana to face in future?

To get your answers, keep glued to the show...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh
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leharmasti @leharmasti 14 years ago i donno y ppl lyk tis serial wen der is nothin new...
alek-sadhna story is lyk dulhan n ranvir-raghini ''s was lyk sath phere... wid some romantic track..
wen shlok enterd it was clear wats goin 2 happen next..
n can any1 tel me wats prob wid alekh?!!!!!!! he thinks so sharp.. everythin he understands.. only i can feel low confidence n walkin style as if leg pain lol..
i agree angad actin is k but parul kinshuk sara...o my god.. its so worst...
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fatimazain @fatimazain 14 years ago hmm...i was knowin this will happen...wen shlok entered...the program!!!
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Sadi Patel @ArmaansGirl 14 years ago Oh No!! :( Plzz Alekh no! I Just luv SaLekh and Sadhna realli luvs him..soo plzz no Shlok!! :( Alekh ur an awsum Husband..its not ur fault that ur the way u are! :( Oh Gawd..I Hope this Track ends soon and that Alekh and Sadhna lead a happi lyf! <3 Sadhna has faced soo much in lyf! :( and i dont want her 2 lose Alekh also! :(
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priyas707 @priyas707 14 years ago Ahhh... Well I must say this show has lost its charm. Its very disappointing [:(]
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no one knows @arjun-arohi 14 years ago i agree with u @missy7 the whole of bidaai is not copied only sadhna-alekh track is being shown in the way sagar-vidya track was shown in BMTD.bcz i personally like the track of ranvir-ragini which i think has got an original essence
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Darshana @darshana23 14 years ago i was expecting different..... I thought after that accident of Sadhana. He will become more possesive about her and he will not like Shlok taking care of her. He will try to spend more time with her and will give best he can. But obviously he would have lag somewhere in his care. Just like scene, he rushed to get up her from bed and Shlok advices him you should be careful as its fresh injury.
I hope if creatives would have tried this way, it would be treat to watch.
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Charleen @bmtdloverr2050 14 years ago lol xoxo is totally correct same old story at the end shes gonna end up with alek and shlok gunna go and we never gonna see him again lol
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Bhoo @canideactivate 14 years ago Bidaai use to be so different... i watched it during the phone friendship which was a good idea and it was sweet.... but then I stopped when all the rona dhona started.... This kind of does sound like Dulhann where Sagar tried to make Tushar and Vidya a couple... But this is kind of different because Sagar was put into a mental asylum, and Alekh is running away.... Well the only way to find out what will happen is to watch the track.....
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trina_saras @trina_saras 14 years ago I can see why he would feel this way, but he will not be able to unite them because he has to be with Sadhana. noone will accept her and Shlok together anyway.
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simz @live_life 14 years ago Awhh alekh is carin
but he shud think about how sadhna feels b4 bein a matchmaker.
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