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Alaap to wed Alka in Hum Ladkiyaan..

Sony's Hum Ladkiyaan will see a twist as Pooja sacrifices her love, and eventually the pregnant Alka gets married to Alaap...


Sony's Hum Ladkiyaan Maayke Se Sasural Tak which is finally heading towards the marriage of Alaap (Mannish Naggdev) and Pooja (Tapeshwari Sharma) will reach an anti-climax when Alaap gets married to Alka (Preeti Chaudhury) instead..

Confirming this twist in the tale is Producer Aniruddh Pathak who says, "All know by now that Alka is pregnant and to save her from the cruel eyes of society, Pooja sacrifices her love and asks Alaap to marry Alka".

"This decision of Alaap and Pooja will put everyone in the family at shock. The track ahead will focus on the mission the girls have taken up, that is to find out about the guy who ruined Alka's life", adds the Producer.

When asked about the culprit, Aniruddh quips, "The boy who has destroyed the life of Alka is somewhere related to the family and we will soon be casting a new face for the role".

As far as serials go, marriages are made 'only' in the creatives' minds…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


Tapeshwari Sharma

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serialkiller123 11 years ago godddd... cant the creatives come up wid somthin interesting.. poor pooja has to cry all d time... anyway the serial is very boring... i cant finish single episode..
Akansha19 11 years ago ewwwwwwwwwwww what the heck ! Alaap is a brother of alka and getting married to alka ....flop show !!!!
surveen_kapoor 11 years ago omg wht the hell i dont believe this
princess_17 11 years ago i was waiting for alaap and pooja to get married i was all excited .. bt after reading this ... i hate it .. why are they doing this.... they shud try to find out who the guy.. who got alka pregnant ..... not spoil pooja''s life for this...
pc84 11 years ago omg.. i dont like this twist at all!!! i mean come on. after all the twist and turns that Alaap and Pooja went thru they deserve to be together!!!
sorry to say if Alka got pregnant.. maybe the real solution would to find the guy first before getting her married off to someone she doesn''t love!! i mean HE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE HER JIJU!!! hating itSOO much!!!

hope the twist to the twist is that Alaap marries Pooja!

luv pri
sarah22 11 years ago alaap and pooja should be together! ha like alka marrys alaap ewwwww!
Bee3nazz 11 years ago no why are they doing this would it not have been a better story to find the guy and make him marry her? alaap and pooja should stay together.
upii 11 years ago oh great, there ruining this serial too, its like vivaah
jassie_17 11 years ago oh god...why are they doing this to pooja and alaap???arrgghhh.....can''t they get the guy who ruined her life to marry her....i mean alaap to wed alka ...that is so not right!!!!
hinaahmed 11 years ago oho ...too bad ... alaap was so gud with pooja ...
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