Akshay Kumar's '100 rupee rent' story that shaped his success

Akshay Kumar recently opened up on his hardships when his family relocated from Delhi to Mumbai.

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Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar recently shared a glimpse into his remarkable journey, marked by humble beginnings and determination. In a candid interview, the Khiladi actor recounted the early days when his family relocated from New Delhi to Mumbai, facing life in a small room with a rent of just 100 rupees.

Reflecting on his past, Akshay Kumar recalled his time in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, saying, "We were 24 people living in the same house in Chandni Chowk. We all would sleep in the same room. In the morning, when we woke up for exercise, everyone would jump over each other to get out." 

He went on to describe their move to Mumbai, where they resided in the Sion Koliwada region, paying a meager 100 rupees as rent. Despite the financial constraints, Akshay emphasized that there was an abundance of happiness in their lives.

He further stated that there wasn’t a single day where they did not smile or laugh. Now, that they have money, sometimes they feel a bit sad but at that time, there was nothing to be sad about. Khiladi Kumar further said thay would have dal chawal, jeera aloo, aloo gobhi, bhindi; they would eat all of this and were happy. During those days, Akshay's family would occasionally skip a meal on Saturdays to save money for a movie ticket. 

While Akshay Kumar's recent film, "Mission Raniganj," received positive critical reviews, it faced challenges at the box office. Nonetheless, he continues to be a prolific actor with an exciting lineup of projects, including "Bade Miyan Chote Miyan" alongside Tiger Shroff, "Welcome to the Jungle," "Hera Pheri 3," and "Sky Force." 

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