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Akshay Kumar has the Most Expensive gift for wife Twinkle Khanna and You could Never Afford it!

Twinkle Khanna shows-off her pricey gift from Akshay Kumar and it will break the internet; we bet you can't afford to buy it…


Akshay Kumar might not be the perfect husband, but he does not shy away from making an effort. He definitely tries to make sure that his beloved wife Twinkle Khanna is happy. The duo are one of the best Bollywood couples and there is no competition to their sense of humour. Fans can't stop admiring their banters and funny trolls at each other. 

Akki makes sure to give his wife a memorable present once in a while and every time he does that it's definitely something creative. But, this time he has taken it too far and the gift is so expensive that you and I can hardly afford to dream about it.

Twinkle Khanna took to her Instagram handle and flaunted her ‘Onion Jhumkas’ gifted by none other than her handsome and generous hubby Akshay Kumar.

Sharing a few pictures of her gift, she wrote: From one shoot to another:) I am glad I got the chance to wear my priceless gifts that were brought home from a shoot, before they started sprouting shoots themselves:) #OnionsAreAGirlsBestFriends.

Recently, Twinkle intended to test his culinary skills and she has now informed the fans that Akshay is not allowed to make coffee anymore. 

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a picture of Akshay holding a coffee cup and it rather seems rather unappetizing. Her witty caption has roped the audience’s attention, “Writers need caffeine almost as much as pencils require graphite:) But..this is the reason why I have never asked him to make a cup of coffee for me again! #throwback #writerswoes."

The duo has been married for more than two decades now and their never-ending banter has somehow kept their relationship alive. Even the fans can’t stop admiring the adorable couple. The duo has always made it to the headlines and its way too cute.


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