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Akanksha Puri: I Value my Relationships A Lot!

In an exclusive conversation, Akanksha Puri spoke to us about her life after moving on, her new tattoo, relationship with Paras’ family and much more...


Akanksha Puri got into an exclusive conversation with us where she spoke about her life after moving on, her relationship status, new tattoo, relationship with Paras’ Mom and much more...

First up, how has life been after moving on and what’s the motivation?

See the motivation definitely is to be positive. Now I have all the time to give myself and I can utilize all my energy on myself, focus on myself. So instead of wasting my energy in negative things, I have utilized it all on positive things. I think it is also working in my way. 

Mentally how disturbing is it to hear the same news about yourself again and again?

See,obviously after a point it gets boring. So I don’t know how much to talk about it. But when I got into this profession, when I became an actor I knew that I would have to deal with such things because we know there is not much of an actor’s private life. So because I was in a very open relationship, everything was in front of the people, so even the talks about that were in front of everyone. It was my decision and I have no regrets about it. 

Currently, what’s your relationship status? 

Yes, I am always open so if there were something it would have been open as well. But I am not the kind of person who would get into one relationship after another. It takes a lot of time for me, I value my relationships a lot, I invest a lot of time and emotions into it, so for me it takes a lot of time to build anything. Right now I don’t have that time, I have all the time for myself right now. So I am single right now and I am not looking forward for any relationships for now.

Tell us about your new tattoo?

I think my tattoo which is “Being Me” is my hashtag which I have been following since years. This is my message to everyone that no matter what happens, just be yourself. Because specially now, when people are being extremely fake, they change as per their convenience. From start till the end, I want to maintain myself and I want to spread this message. I am being me, you be yourself. 

How was the family’s reaction since there were plans to take a step ahead?

I think I am blessed, I am lucky that my family is really nice and they have been extremely supportive right from the start. They have never forced anything, all the decisions are of my own, I am very independent. So to get in a relationship was my decision and to get out of it was also my decision. My family is quite understanding and they are also dealing with it in a very positive way. 

You were in good terms with Paras’ Mom as well, so how is the relationship now?

I don’t want to talk a lot about it. I have no regret either with him or his family. Feelings, like I told you, don't change for me. The people that I used to respect, his family, I will keep doing it in future as well and my relationship with them will remain the same. I will keep loving and respecting his family. 

What's your message to women like you? Sana from the industry went through the similar thing. What's your take on that? 

I had a talk with Sana and she has been very supportive towards me. A lot of people also compared us but we are two different personalities, we have different ways of dealing with things. But to all the girls who have been through such a phase, I don't think you have to be sad and be in a corner, you have all the right to get ready, get your hair done. Do whatever your heart feels like because it gives you happiness. 

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