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Ajay Devgan storms out of Rock N Roll Family shoot...

An argument kicked off by the Saxena family in Rock N Roll Family about the inclusion of wild card entries got Ajay Devgan enraged, ultimately leading to the Devgans walking out of the sets...

Published: Wednesday,Apr 30, 2008 15:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Drama and reality shows go hand in hand. This time in focus is Zee’s reality show, Rock N Roll Family. In fact, there was such an intense argument, that the judges of the show, Kajol, Ajay and Tanuja stormed out of the show.

Ajay Devgan storms out of Rock N Roll Family shoot...
In an unwanted turn of events, the existing families in the competition objected to the entry of new families as wild card entries. Brijesh from the Saxena family initiated the argument saying they felt it was unfair to the current participants on the show. He went on to add that they have sweated it out to reach this far in the competition and the entry of new participants at this stage was not justified. He proposed the re-entry of the eliminated families.

When contacted, the Director of the show, Satish Datt says, “The families knew the format of the show right from the beginning. We had informed them that as the show progressed there would be a wild card entry. But now, all of a sudden, they have suddenly retaliated saying it is unfair to all the other participants of the show, as they have been working very hard, and it’s not justified to bring in new families at this point.”

So is it true that Ajay Devgan walked off the sets? “Yes”, replied Satish, “The judges, Kajol, Ajay and Tanuja, tried explaining to them that the format of the show was already decided and they were informed about it, then why do they have a problem now? If you cannot accept the format, then you should just leave the show.”

After a lot of explanation, Ajay lost his cool, took hold of Kajol’s arm, and stormed off the sets saying, “If you guys know the best then carry on. I will not tolerate a change of format halfway through the show.”

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Melanie

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Jessi @mz.jess 15 years ago okay. it doesnt matter wht is ethic or right or wrong that was the format at the begnning and thats how it was told it was supposed to be. if they didnt like it they shouldnt have done the show.
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Nelly @MuslimGurl18 15 years ago I swear people these days r so stupid
God ajay was right
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sabih abbasi @sabih 15 years ago w2ow ppl are so dum lol why would u do that whne u knew the format of the show already they need to understand or eles they can leave the show
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Aasiyah @aasighazi 15 years ago Actually, Ajay did not take Kajol's hand and leave with her and Tanuja. He got up and then Kajol and Tanuja followed him out as well. They just walked off the sets according to what I saw on RnR and I saw it 3 times.
I like this show and the concept and I think it's sad to see how people can behave so childishly with each other. Sharad looked so upset too and so did Mauli. That girl must have been in some sense of shock because she didn't say ANYTHING the whole time...Sharad did, then Kajol, Ajay and Tanuja ji.
I really agreed and think that the families are afraid that these new wild card entries would hurt them, not help them. So with this in mind, they attacked.

I just hope everything is resolved soon and the families come back. I think the Roy family might stay since they are the only ones who did not object. They just stood there and listened to both sides.
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trackrecord @trackrecord 15 years ago this is already a boring show.ajay devagan looks pathatic.kajol is fat.tanuja is trying to come back.all families are dull.overall time waste show and top it all,natakbazi to grab trp.its old formula.please zee tv make some good shows like sa re ga ma,the show is total flop.its better to watch cheer girls on ipl,thts more entertaining.
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ipsita @rtipi 15 years ago Ajay is absolutely right.If they knew the format of the show right from the beginning then they should
not raise a question now halfway.The
format should remain all the same.
After all,how can the format of a reality show be changed?Ajay is correct that those who wont agree to this format,they should leave the show immediately.We are there with you,AJAY
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maneesh @maneeshsaxena 15 years ago saxena family raising the right issue...wild card entries r illeagle..this is ethically wrong to invite new families at this stage...even channel says its in their format.i think they keep wild card just to raise the TRP...ajay devgan ji...u only talked abt ethics and honesty when it came onto ubhala and kapoor families...now u r leaving the show...shame on u..as a audience we felt cheated..when the main focus is just TRP not promoting the talent then pls stop this drama on tv...we r with saxena family..
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gagori @joygogs 15 years ago well i feel in rock n roll familiies saxena familys brijesh s absoultly right , frst thing ths wild card thing should nt happen, n if ths s happen then those familyes shld come who r alrady elimanated nt the new familys, those familys who reached till here with all theair hard work ths s injustice to them
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Pop Princess
Saima @Pop Princess 15 years ago dis is so ridiculous..it happens on every reality show nw..it's getting really boring..
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3620951847 @3620951847 15 years ago ooooooooooooo lala
yeah I think the family was informed so tehy shud had raised question then not now
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