Aishwarya Khare draws inspiration from Sridevi & Priyanka Chopra as her character turns childlike

Bhagyalakshmi's Aishwarya Khare speaks about drawing inspiration from the characters of Sridevi and Priyanka Chopra for her show.

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Aishwarya Khare

For the past two years, Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi has captivated its audience with its engaging plot and the twists and turns in the lives of Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) and Rishi (Rohit Suchanti). The show has gained a loyal following, and fans of #RishMi are only increasing by the day. Recently, viewers witnessed Lakshmi and Rishi meeting with a major accident, after which everyone observed a behavioural change in Lakshmi. She has started behaving like a 7-year-old child, leaving everyone in a state of shock. In these testing times, Rishi has been extremely supportive of Lakshmi, taking care of her every step of the way.

While the ongoing dramatic sequences have kept everyone hooked, preparing for such scenes can be a challenging yet rewarding task that encourages actors to push their limits and explore new opportunities. Aishwarya is also going the extra mile to portray this child-like character. To bring authenticity to the current track, Aishwarya is taking references from movies like Sadma and Barfi in order to learn and portray the raw emotions better each day. 

Aishwarya said, “When I was informed about this drastic change in my character, I was immediately reminded of Sridevi Ma’am’s movie – Sadma, especially since our creative team had also given the same reference. I watched that movie again for renewed inspiration. Although I was quite excited to try something new, doing it every day for a TV show is quite challenging. I decided to prepare well for this character and even watched Barfi where Priyanka Chopra’s character Jhilmil also has the body language of a child.” 

She added, “Even my director has been a great help for me, as he guides me through every scene and helps me draw the line between acting like a child and going overboard with it. This new ongoing track is like a breath of fresh air for our show, and I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to try something different on television, that nobody has done in recent times. I hope the audience showers us with a lot of love too”

While Aishwarya is excited and happy about this new phase of Lakshmi on the show, wait till you see how Malishka tries to scare her with firecrackers during the Diwali celebration at the Oberoi house.

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