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Unconventional, the good way - for no less could be expected with Amit Trivedi ...

An adaptation of Emma, Jane Austen's famous Victorian novel, the movie Aisha, namesake its prime character, is a Sonam Kapoor-Abhay Deol starer, and an Anil Kapoor home production. Having made to the gossip columns every now and then over the past few months, one of major buzz around this movie has allegedly linked the leading pair, Sonam and Abhay, romantically.

But all that set aside, with the music album of Aisha finally hitting the stores, we tell you without talking in riddles - this one you want to pocket without second thoughts! 

Unconventional, the good way - for no less could be expected with Amit Trivedi at the helm of chord-ial and musical affairs - the album contains tracks which spring up to catch your attention, and continue to grow on you with repetitive listening. With an impressive modulation in singing styles, a blend of orthodox instruments with ingenious ones for background scores, and employing the style of chorus groups humming peppy beats in several songs - Aisha is a complete package. Entertaining, addictive, and lyrically well suited to the movie's storyline.

Suno Aisha, the title track, begins with an interesting bird clock like sound added to bongo beats, a chorus humming joins in and the impact of the musical score is a fabulous group effort once the saxophones and trumpets join the family of instruments employed. Javed Akhtar with the lyrics effectively sums up the character of Aisha in this song. Sung by Ash King (with occasional backing from Trivedi himself), the brilliance of the song lies in how the note of King's vocals creates a semblance that tempts one to imagine Abhay Deol singing the song for real! Something about the song is reminiscent of the popular 2008 chartbuster Kabhi Kabhi Aditi ( JTYJN ), perhaps the casual throw in the singing and the attractive outcome of oddly mixed and matched instruments for interludes between paragraphs. The atypical attributes of this song as a title track make it a strong recommendation - breezy, easy on nerves, an ideal way to kick start the album!

Gal Mitthi Mitthi we predict, is all set to become the new favorite on wedding dance floors! Complete with the shaadi band baja music and enhancing dhol beats this song is everything we call 'live-it-up-the-Punjabi-pop-way'!   There is use of folksy instruments, customized with techno effects. Tochi Raina is good choice for the background singing. This one should make it to your latest party play lists right away!

There is a DJ club mix version of the song - while the original is certainly an edge better, the DJ mixing adds an greater pace to the song which is bound to appeal the dancing crowds more.

The third song of the album is a pleasing evening number, accordingly titled Sham. A captivating piece of acoustic strumming starts it off, and soon enough the duo of composer-singer Trivedi and Neuman Pinto cast a spell lending their vocals to the lilting composition. Easy, light, the kind which gets you tipsy-ish high from merely, wishfully swaying to it! Javed Akhtar pens lyrics befitting the atmosphere of the song - the kind which make you smile cute and curious! Its the perfect song to picture playing in the background on romantic evening date with a new found love! Relying on the overlapping acoustic strumming, and addictive chorus humming, the song weaves magic, for a magical time!

Behke Behke has its way of urging you to let go of all hesitation and shake a good leg or two! A gleeful mix of European beats - Spanish, even something of the famous Irish tapping - hints of Latin American dancing music, orchestrated into an overall local Goan style popular beach tune structure.  The composition also hints distant retro traces - both in the Indian and the Western styles. Anushka in her singing incorporates the mood of the song, bringing out its true character wonderfully, while joined in for the male parts by Samrat Kaushal and Raman Mahadevan. Its the kind of song you want to play on repeat around a camp fire all night long! Lookout for this one in reality dance shows, award function performances, et al..

By the Way brings back to ones mind the days of Anushka Manchanda singing for the sensational girl band Viva! For this song which is full on its masti quotient, Anushka delivers the 'i-give-no-damn' lyrics with a bindaas attitude in all of her singing. The composition combines everything from a peppy chorus cooing, great drumming among other percussion instrumental beats, heavy electric guitar strumming and all such pop-rock-esque musical contributors. This song can do wonders curing sour moods with its plain intention to energize the listeners until they're foot tapping, hand clapping, and head banging! Strongly recommended for friend stay overs, disc nights, bathroom karaoke redemption, bad traffic days on the road ... and all such! An adrenaline rush is guaranteed, as is the success of this song in weeks to come, we say!

Last in the album is Lehrein, categorically a soft melancholic melody. While a constant note of the keyboard in the background sounds throughout the duration of the song, employing a violin for the interludes between singing has a lingering impact. The drumming is subtle and matches well, the down tone of Amit Trivedi's beautiful composition. Anusha Mani's gently raspy vocals lend the perfect emotion to the meaningful lyrics by Javed Akhtar. The song has the power to stir latent emotions and moods in the listener - the kind which make one sit back, and revisit forgotten memories!

There is a remix version of this track, which is half baked compared to the original - or just perhaps, such are not the tracks one should chose to remix/remake at all!

All in all, Aisha is great collection of songs for all times and occasions! Amit Trivedi (after the phenomenal success of Dev D) comes back with another signature product! In the musical world this young lad shall become a genre of his own in days to come. Javed saab is wonderful with his pen, as he is versatile ... and the choice of singers for each track is thoughtfully right.

Total No. of Tracks: 8 (6 Original, 2 Remix)
Music Label: Sony BMG
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Music Director: Amit Trivedi

BC favorites: Sham, By the Way, Suno Aisha
BC ratings: 3.5/5

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