After Sahil Uppal and Surabhi Das, this actor of Pandya Store quits the show

Actress Megha Sharma, known for her role as Chhabili in the popular show "Pandya Store," has announced her departure from the series.

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Megha Sharma
Chhabili of Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Megha’s Instagram

Actress Megha Sharma, known for her role as Chhabili in the popular show "Pandya Store," has announced her departure from the series. Having joined the cast in July last year, Sharma has been an integral part of the storyline, portraying the confidant of Amba. However, her decision to bid farewell to the daily soap wasn't an easy one, driven by her desire for personal growth and artistic fulfilment.

In a conversation with one of the leading portals, expressing her fondness for the show, its cast, and crew, Sharma emphasised her commitment to her character's development and her own professional journey. Despite her attachment to the role, she felt compelled to take this step due to the stagnation of her character's storyline and minimal screen time.

When expressed the same with the production team in November, Sharma revealed that the team asked her to wait for a couple of months initially, citing the World Cup. Unfortunately, despite the prolonged wait of four months, there was no positive change in the trajectory of her character. Throughout this period, she found herself in the position of having to reject several opportunities that came her way.

She further explains that in January, she received confirmation that she was at liberty to make her choice. She emphasises that her decision to leave the show was made on good terms. Despite her affection for the character she portrayed, she highlights its depth and the ample opportunities it provided for performance and improvisation. Regrettably, she notes that the character did not have the opportunity to reach its full potential.

Looking ahead, Sharma is determined to take on projects that allow her to showcase her acting talent fully. She doesn't want to just go through the motions, putting on makeup and staying in the background. Rather, she's looking for meaningful parts that let her show off her acting skills and allow her to grow as an artist. 

The actress is currently in the midst of her one-month notice period, with her final day of shooting set for May 6. Sharma's departure marks the end of an era for "Pandya Store" and the beginning of a new chapter in her career.

For the unversed, Sahil Uppal and Surabhi Das, who used to play the characters of Chiku and Isha respectively, have bid farewell to the show.

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Why the show is even running?

1 months ago

Lol…the show should shut down! Bahut hogaya

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