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Afsar Bitiya to be telecast six days a week from next week

Afsar Bitiya to be telecast from Monday to Saturday from next week


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Zee TV's Afsar Bitiya will be telecast six days a week from Monday to Saturday from the next week.  We got in touch with Shivshakhti Sachdev who plays Pinky on the show who told us, "Afsar Bitiya and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke are the two shows on Zee TV which will be coming six days a week. I really don't know why these two shows were chosen for a six day telecast but it is an awesome thing for us and our fans."

Is Shivshakhti deterred by the fact that now that her show will be aired six days a week (six new episodes every week) that she will have to put in longer hours of work? She replied, "Not at all, we work for 30 days a month any way. I will be more than happy to put in hard work."

Kinshuk Mahajan who plays Pintoo Singh on the show told us, "It feels nice and great that our show will be aired for six days a week. Of course shooting will be more hectic; however working hard on this show is really worth it."

The protagonist Krishna (essayed by Mitali Nag) in Afsar Bitiya aims at being an IAS officer. It's great that from now on for six out of seven days a week, young Indian girls will be motivated to study further and take up prestigious jobs through the inspirational social message of Afsar Bitiya which aims at women empowerment by educating the girl child.

 Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya
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trinilisa 7 years ago missing you lots and lots Mitali,,,you were at as Krishna
burnnotice 7 years ago I feel very happy that AB will be aired 6 days but Pinky is becoming irritating and a put off.

Love you Mitali and all the best to AB cast.
kmfan_2 7 years ago Kinshuk and Mitali along with all the others...congrats...and we fans are very happy!
moniluvskinshuk 7 years ago AB is getting more and more interesting day by day .Loving it so much.
star_wars 7 years ago Keep rocking Mitali and Kinshuk. All the best to you and AB.
star_wars 7 years ago Thank God indeed. Wonderful news. Love Prishna. Love Kinshuk and Mitali. Love AB.2012-10-10 15:51:16
-Ursh- 7 years ago Afsar Bitiya Rocks!!!!! LOve all the cast!
martalinda 7 years ago That's good news for us fans of prishna and AB.But what time is the telecast on saturdays ?
wadi..doll 7 years ago i am soo Excited to see KInnnyyy OMG OMG OMG I will be seeing him for six daysss wowww .. 7 years ago good news... love the show and its storyline
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