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Aditya to join Modi family business in Sony TV's Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Aditya’s entry in Sony TV’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan will spice up things in the show as he will try to create differences between Karan and Sakshi.

Sony Entertainment Television' s unique saas bahu saga Ek Nayi Pehchaan is grabbing massive eye-balls these days, thanks to its appreciated and adored script writing which knows how to make the audience to stay connected with the plot.

And in the upcoming episodes, the viewers can expect a high voltage drama as they will witness the entry of Aditya (Deepak Sandhu) creating problems in Karan (Karan Sharma) and Sakshi's love life.

Sharda Modi (Poonam Dhillon) will invite Aditya to Modi house for dinner. Suresh who will get highly impressed by Aditya's charm will offer him to join their business. It will be seen that Karan and Aditya both will be working on a project and will fight to impress Sakshi (Krystle Dsouza).

Will this mean that this love story is soon taking a turn to a love triangle? Well, only time will tell now.


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Tacker_Holic 6 years ago Love Krystle Dsouza, Poonam Dhilon and Karan Sharma! Ek Nayi Pehchaan is a breath of fresh air for Indian Television! Hope these misunderstandings clear soon but make Karan and Sakshi's bond stronger!
kryanfan1 6 years ago this is so bad..!!
why cant the cv's show some good sweet romance without interruption between kasak..!!
we dont want aditya..!! :(
PROTIM21 6 years ago If he is Shakshi's first love then no problem.. But dont need a new love triangle. KaSak rocks.
kryanfan1 6 years ago oh no...I dont want this track...!!!
I dont want problems between karan and sakshi..! :(
souroj 6 years ago What is this . Adi n Karan will work hard to impress Sakshi instead of their boss Suresh Modi
soni19sweet 6 years ago wow
will love it
karan and sakshi forever
Gagani 6 years ago Best serial on sony. Wish to see getting 1.2 trp
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