Aditi Tailang down with food poisoning!

Aditi Tailang's love for food gets her into a bad health condition..

Aditi Tailang who was seen in Star One's Jaane Pehchane Se Ye Ajnabbi as Ayesha is all set for her comeback with Star Plus' new show, Gulaal. However, the girl has not been able to shoot for the show for the past few days as she has been down and ill.

We hear that Aditi was seen puking at her place, after which she was diagnosed to have got a food poisoning. Her absence was felt during the press conference organized for the show by the channel.

We got in touch with Aditi who was on her way back home from the dispensary, and she said, "Actually I won't blame the food, I have a bad appetite and I get an immediate effect on my health. Suddenly after a long break my stomach got a new taste of food on the set, so the problem arose."

"I was totally down because of continuous vomiting, but now after taking antibiotics, I am feeling much better. I always had a problem with my stomach, so this is not new for me," adds on Tailang.

"Due to my health problem, I could not go for the press meet of my upcoming new show as I was not in the condition to sit for long hours. but now I am all fine with health," adds she.

TellyBuzz wishes Aditi a quick recovery!!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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swan20 9 years ago hope she's feeling better now. waiting to see her back on screen!!!
watermist 9 years ago I can't wait for her to come back..I hope they don't replace her again. She deserves a full character in a full show. Anyone know if she will play a lead or will it be a side character
Lins_Love 9 years ago get well soon dear......... waiting to see you on screen.........
ganga1071 9 years ago get well soon eat healthy food not tasty food all the time.......waiting wit bated for this show gulal to start for 3 reason rahil azam, sushant singh and mansi parekh as gulal
pyar-ishk 9 years ago Get well soon Aditi, and you don't have to eat every tasty food you see. lol

adoremevirgo 9 years ago get well soon...cant wait for the show to start...
samicute 9 years ago get well soon aditi.. cant wait to see you again
Preternatural 9 years ago get well soon aditi.. cant wait to see you again
paaal 9 years ago aww.. baby.. take care and get well soon.. [>:D<]
pickachu 9 years ago Get well soon!!!
Lovedddddd u as ayesha!!!
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