Additi Gupta delighted to have Harshad back..

Additi Gupta is extremely happy that her on-screen soul mate Prem aka Harshad Chopra is back in Kis Desh...


Additi Gupta is very happy to have her on screen soul mate Harshad Chopra aka Prem back in Kis Desh…

“It feels so happy to have him back in the team. I was getting bored enacting my scenes alone, as I had to cry a lot when he was not around”, quips Additi.

So how did she react when she got to know that Harshad is getting back? “Well, all was so undecided to begin with. We never knew for sure that he will be back. But our Jodi of Prem and Heer has become so popular that he got back by public demand. Our fans were missing him so much, that the creative team had to finally get him back. When my creative told me that Harshad is coming back, I just could not stop myself from jumping and feeling happy. My initial reaction was ‘Wow, Harshad is Back!!!’”, verbalizes the actress.

Have you partied after he got back? “Not at all!! We had a 20-day shooting stint at Jasalmer in Rajasthan, and this is where Prem got back in the show. Work has been so hectic that we have not got time to chill out and celebrate. Let’s see, maybe the New Year eve might be a good reason to party and have fun”, adds Additi.

The story ahead will see a connection between Rishabh and Sanjana. "I can't disclose the track as of now, you will have to wait and watch. The viewers will get to see new 'ladaai' and 'badla', and later they might focus on the love story again", concludes Additi.

Well, kudos to the loyal Prem-Heer fans who got Prem back to the show!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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iheartChai 9 years ago Bless you both...may you continue to receive great success and may no evil eye fall upon you.

Waiting for the day when we can see you both on the same screen again until then Good Luck on your projects.
lamaa 9 years ago Miss Premeer and Kis Desh :(
All the best to both
Depanjan 9 years ago All the best and keep smiling Additi :D

Keep shining!!2011-06-16 08:22:04
iheartChai 9 years ago Additi and Harshad wishing you all the best! Keep smiling! Wishing to see you back once again on the screen for a second time in a new serial :)
Depanjan 9 years ago All the best Asditi :D
Keep smiling
lamaa 9 years ago We miss Prem and Heer
Will miss cute Pihu
All the best Additi :)
Depanjan 9 years ago Keep smiling Additi :)
All the best
-Rimsha-sizzles 9 years ago Miss you a lot Prem and Heer :((
Love you Additi :D
Keep smiling :))
Depanjan 9 years ago Keep smiling Additi
All the best. :D
-Abigail- 9 years ago The best Jodi ever...with unbeatable chemistry!! Truly magical

miss you guys sooo much...please come back soon

Stay blessed and happy Harshiti
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