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Actresses That Flaunt Their Big Rocks

The month of April is popular for various holidays and events, but it is also a known fact that it's the month of diamonds. Therefore, BollyCurry presents "Actresses that flaunt their Big Rocks".

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Bollywood actresses are all gorgeous ladies who manage to grab attention wherever they go; be it an event or a simple stroll in the mall. However, it is another thing to have their accessories turning heads and what's more eye catching than a sparkling ring on their left hand? The month of April is popular for various holidays and events, but it is also a known fact that it's the month of diamonds. Therefore, BollyCurry presents "Actresses that flaunt their Big Rocks". Read on to see how some of the biggest names in the Indian industry managed to wow the popular with mere jewelry.
Vidya Balan
This curvy actress tied the knot in 2012 to film producer Siddharth Roy Kapoor. Every now and then this actress not only flaunts her irresistible curves, but also her stunning engagement ring - gold embellished with ruby stone; a rare piece for an engagement ring. But all would agree that Balan herself is pretty rare. Mrs.Balan-Kapoor always manages to be different at almost every function and event with her simple yet elegant jewelry pieces. Diamonds are given as a promise for protection and speaking of protection, this multifaceted woman has always been busy protecting herself from rumour mills.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Beautiful ladies must have beautiful things, especially when it comes to a ring to flaunt her relationship status. Junior Bachchan proposed to his love lady with a breathtaking diamond ring that just added beauty to that left hand of hers. This leading lady is one the few who can carry herself extremely well with her choice of accessories. Nothing screams power like diamonds, and so does the Bachchan's. Therefore, it's only naturally that the daughter-in-law of one of the most powerful families of the Indian industry be decked in these precious stones.
Kareena Kapoor
Coming from the mighty Kapoor clan, Kareena obviously would be no exception when it comes to flaunting her family name but when it comes to diamonds; this babe knows how to take advantage. Bebo's beau, Saif Ali Khan, had proposed to her with a huge, rock-sized solitaire. Kapoor-Khan also seems to enjoy gracing the events and functions all decked out with her magnificent line of jewelries.Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral and it would be appropriate to compare this vivacious woman to this attribute of diamonds. It is no new news that Kareena is known for her strong personality and unmoving resolve.
Shilpa Shetty
In 2009, Shilpa got engaged with businessman Raj Kundra, who happily slipped one of the most magnificent rings on her left ring finger. Loving diamonds like none other and rocking them equally well, this sexy actress always manages to flaunt her beautiful pieces of jewelry at each and every event. This couple has also recently launched a jewelry line together, an additional to the list of joint ventures. Talk about constancy in their relationship, just like the constancy of diamonds in this beauty's life.
Esha Deol
The older daughter of the Deol clan, Esha tied the knot in 2012 to business man Bharat Takhtani. She not only sports an enormous diamond ring on her left ring finger, but also a substantial amount of diamond jewelry; ranging from various designs of earrings, necklaces and bangles. Therefore, it's no surprise when she turns up at clad events in the most fashionable of precious stones. Diamonds are said to denote innocence and this talented actress certainly oozes innocence with her beautiful.
Diamonds are forever and who else can showcase eternity better than these beautiful ladies of tinsel town? With gorgeous smiles and sexy figures coupled with the perfect attitudes, these woman are no less than diamonds themselves and it's no surprise that with such jewelry lines, these talented women burn the red carpet in glamour. Let us know, in your opinions, which other actresses manage to flaunt their jewelry well in the comments below.
Writer: Amanda H.
Editors: Mohini N. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Shikha A.
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