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Actors talk about their first Karwa Chauth fast!

On this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth we ask actors who are celebrating this festival for the very first time post their marriage.

On this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, women across the nation will be decked up in their traditional attire. The only occasion to relive the feeling of becoming like a bride comes on this festival when women do all the shringar, eat sargee specially cooked by mother in law and get pampered throughout the day. After the moon is visible in the sky, these women break their fast with a sip of water and eat sweets.

We ask actors who are following Karwa Chauth post their marriage and what preparations are they doing for the festival.

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Pariva Pranati - Puneet Sachdev

"Frankly speaking, I am shooting day - night almost everyday. My last was on August 17 this year; so I have not made any plans as of now. You won't believe but I have hardly seen Puneet also. I have never done karwa Chauth earlier. My side of family celebrate the festival of Teej and Puneet's family keep Karwa Chauth. But they are so supportive that they asked me to fast on liquids. Usually women do not eat or drink anything that day. I am shooting under the scorching heat and if I keep the proper Karwa Chauth fast then I think I will just faint (laughs). 

I am very boring when it comes to asking for gifts and stuffs. But yes, he tends to surprise me more often specially after fights (laughs aloud). I hope he has planned something good for me as it is my first Karwa Chauth or he's gone (laughs)." 

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Bhanu Uday - Shalini Khanna

"I love my work but I have already told the production house that on the day of Karwa Chauth I will be leaving sharp at 7 pm in the evening and I won't be doing overtime. My wife is waiting for me at home and it is her first Karwa Chauth and I want to be there for her. I understand how difficult it is for a woman to stay hungry all the day. I am not going to stay hungry, I thought I would but no since I am working that day. Personally, I really love all the Indian traditions that we have. I always wanted to marry somebody who would keep a Karwa Chauth for me. Maybe I would not have told her but I would not have liked it because my mother keeps for my father and I want this tradition to go on. I am very grateful to have married Shalini because she is exactly the same girl I had dreamed for me. I might be an actor but I am very conservative at heart."

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Shefali Sharma - Varun Sethi

I am very excited as this is my first Karwa Chauth. All my friends and family members are with me on this festival to give me strength. Last night itself my co-actors cum friends Adhvik Mahajan, Neha Bagga came at my place since last night and they are with me only to support me.

I have not asked for any gift because Varun has give me lots of beautiful surprises. He gave me very nice gift on the day of our wedding and when he got to know that my shooting schedule has been delayed, within four days he planned a trip to Europe which was the biggest and the most beautiful surprise of my life. I am sure that in the night after he breaks my fast he will give me something.

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Aamna Shariff - Amit Kapoor

I am very excited about this festival and as its my first Karwa Chauth. The excitement level has increased. My happiness has reached cloud nine as my husband is also fasting with me, we are following all the rituals. So all in all its new and an amazing expereince for me.

We wish our readers Happy Karwa Chauth!

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