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'Actors should make sure they are versatile' - Muskaan Mehani

Muskaan Mehani is all set to rock in Star One's Dill Mill Gayee. She has shared screen space with the gorgeous Vidya Balan in Heyy Baby.

The ideal best friend in Yeh Meri Life Hain, a loving sister in Mamta, Muskaan is now going to prove her self as the best doctor on the block. Her list does not end here, as she is all set to rock Bollywood, in Sajid Nadiawala’s Heyy Baby.

We talk to Muskaan Mehani to get an insight to her two new breaks on the small and big screen.

Tell us something about the role you play in the new show - Dill Mill Gaye?

Muskaan: I am playing a Gujarati girl who is forced to get married, but being career-oriented, she wishes to become a doctor. She joins the hospital, and becomes a part of the madness in the show.

You started off your television career, playing a typical Punjabi girl next door, and now you’re back with the Gujarati touch.

Muskaan: (laughter) yes, I love a lot of variety in my roles. It does getting boring doing the same thing over and over again. And I was really looking forward for a completely different role than what I’ve previously done. Actors should make sure they are versatile and they do different roles. There is no point doing the same thing over and over again.

You decided to not be a part of Mamta post leap, why so?

Muskaan: I don’t really want to comment on Mamta at this point. Its done and gone.

We heard that you are a part of Sajid Nadiawala’s latest movie - Heyy Baby. Your comments on that?

Muskaan: Yes, I am in the movie, playing Vidya Balan’s friend. It was fun doing the movie. I was there in quite a number of scenes with Vidya, so who would miss out on such a good opportunity? Sajid, Vidya and the whole team are great to work with. Heyy Baby is a must watch, I am not saying this because I am in it, but the story is really nice. Its got the perfect proportion of comedy and emotions.

Any message for your fans?

Muskaan: Go watch Heyy Baby and look forward to Dill Mill Gayee.

Are small screen stars ready to hit off to Bollywood? Wishing bubbly Muskaan all the very best for her future.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Chits1 2007-10-01T06:33:00Z Good to hear abt sanju baba.Hope he comes out of this legal jhamela soon and we could get to see munnabhai chale america.
-Kash- 2007-08-22T11:52:54Z She is a great actress...will be looking forward to the movie and show! :D
np-rox 2007-08-22T09:36:32Z She really looks very nice in Dil Mill gaye...All the best to her for hey baby
AnotherMiracle 2007-08-22T05:05:46Z can't wait to watch Hey Baby n Dil Mil Gaya Rocks!!!
-DulceMaria- 2007-08-22T02:01:54Z thanks, i am loving her in dill mill gaye.
lil_desi_goddes 2007-08-22T00:57:35Z looking heaps forward to Heyy Babyy premiering in Sydney Australia!!
Mrs.SalmanKhan 2007-08-21T23:46:04Z [b]Thnks !!
Luking forward to Hey Baby now
she`s so pretty
-Krupa- 2007-08-21T23:45:56Z DMG ROCKS!'s such a funny show!..hehe..looking forward to watching Heyy Baby!
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