Actors left Clueless on the sets of Mamta!

Two weddings to take place in Mamta, but the story and the whole atmosphere on the sets is chaotic, with actors left to ponder with no scripts in Hand.. Read on!!

As the Mamta unit gears up for the two Big Weddings of the new generation, the suspense related to the couples getting married toys over the audience. Generally such suspense is created to attract masses towards the show and the news is broken only after the wedding and the other rituals are done and over with. But in this case, leave alone the audience, the actors themselves are clueless as to who they are getting married to.

Our reporter Hiral Anju Bhatt made it to the sets of Mamta to know what is truly happening behind the scenes.

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The two ‘Dulhas’ getting ready for marriage are Abhishek Ohri who plays Aarav and Gagan Aryan who plays the role of Krishna in the show. We now talk to Abhishek who happens to be the ‘Lucky’ groom who atleast knows that he is getting married to Meme, played by Akansha. Abhishek quotes, “Aarav is getting married to Meme for selefish reasons. I do not know whether Aarav will have feelings for Meme later on.. We do not have the screenplay or have no idea about the story until we shoot.. I am really excited to shoot the wedding episode because this is the first time Aarav and Krishna will be doing something good together. (laughs)”

While the post-marriage track seems to be a mystery in Aarav’s case, Krishna’s case is different as he does not even know who he is getting married to. While Gagan gets ready for the D-day, our reporter catches up with him to talk to him about the wedding mystery.

A confused Gagan says, “I don’t know to whom Krishna is getting married to, whether Sanjana or Meera. Even while shooting, I don’t know who the girl in the Ghunghat is, because trust me, we don’t get any of the details earlier. We are given our screenplay only when we are done with the makeup and are ready for the shot…” Talking about the story track, Gagan says, “I know it is very unrealistic that the guy Krishna has only met this girl Sanjana a couple of times before and does not even know anything about her and is getting married to her. But then again, you have to go with the flow.”

Well, keeping the suspense alive in the audiences’ mind is what all serials aim for.. But in the case of Mamta, Suspense seems to be in the air as even the star cast is left pondering about the new twists and turns in the show. Only time will tell whether the ‘Bride’ in the Ghunghat is Sanjana or Meera. To find all answers, watch the Chaotic Wedding tonight in Mamta.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Srividya Rajesh

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pls try n get somebody who can act ,, above all she looks ahhhhh bad ,,,pls do somethig about it .

16 years ago

This serial is very unrealistic. mamta leaves the house with krishna when he was 3 yrs old. she was against krishna going to mumbai. finally she also landed in mumbai after krishna's accident. now she compromised with akshay and expects krishna also follow her way to love his father. how rediculous. she is the main culprit who did not like krishna to be with akshay or with sid bcos of ego problems. krishna on the other hand is staying in his father's house to keep his mother happy. generally mother sacrifice for children but here the son sacrifice for mother as she developed sudden love to akshay. In my view he shd get out of that house and give option to his mother to choose whether she wants to stay with akshay or with him wherever he stays. It is mamta who shd be blamed for all the mess in krishna's sufferings who separated him from his father and now she wants that he shd also follow her line. how selfish is mamta.

16 years ago

oh man.. they don't even know the script till they come for shooting? lols! what crap yaar!

16 years ago

I don't watch Mamta but I like this guy ....Krishna...Thankx for the article.

16 years ago

this new twist has left the actors twisted.. something tells me that disorganization and procrastination have something to do with it..

16 years ago

dis show has gone on 4 too needs 2 end..dis new twist hweva has left me

16 years ago

like i really dun understand why this show is still on air.. :S

16 years ago

already a marriiage :P 8-)
haha aw gagan is adorable

16 years ago

LMASO his is soooooo funny only shreya creations can do that leaving the actors clueless stupid morons

16 years ago

this is hilarious. actors don't know what they're doing.hahahaaha

16 years ago

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