Actors and their Monsoon memories

We all love to enjoy monsoon in our ways and like all of us, the actors also enjoy having fun during monsoon.

The arrival of monsoon has brought about a smile on everyone's faces!! Be the cold winds, nose-tickling wet mud smell, sounds of thunderstorm and constant sprinkling of water sets the mood right for indulging in quite a many activities. Be it gorging up on steaming hot pakoras coupled with a cup of hot tea or warming ourselves near the fireplace with an engaging book, rain does give us a chance to enjoy the unrivalled beauty and magnificence of nature. We all love to enjoy monsoon in our ways and like all of us, the actors also enjoy having fun during monsoon.

Neha Dangwal - Tumhi ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

This is my second monsoon in Mumbai. Being from Delhi, I never experienced this amalgamation of rain and sea. I already love this city so much and inspite of a lot of people complaining about Mumbai rains, I thoroughly love it, the breath-taking smell of the first rains. The green in Mumbai turning greener. Weather is superbly lovely. Everything is just picture perfect and a relief after a hard day at work when pakodas and adrak wali chai completes it.

Megha Chakraborty - Badi Devrani 

Yes this is the first rainy season in Mumbai for me... I'm not a romantic person but yes after those hot days this rain makes me feel romantic no doubt. I always love to dance in the rain.

Mahesh Tanwar - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Monsoon always brings a charm to my life. It is a season when love is in the air which makes me feel wanting to cuddle up and watch as the beautiful city of Mumbai drenches itself from the water of the gods.

Zalak Desai - Mooh Boli Shadi

Yes, it is the best season for romance! My special connection with rains is hogging garma garam bhajiyas and sipping cutting chai with friends

Mohsin Khan - Dream Girl 

Monsoon is the most romantic gift god has bestowed upon us. Someday I would ask a girl's hand for marriage knelt down in the rains. That's my monsoon wish 

Neil Bhatt - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Neil Bhatt

Monsoon is my favourite season!! I think I am at my best during monsoons. As far as I am concerned monsoon and romance go hand in hand. There's this very refreshing feeling that the rains get with them. So yes I do feel romantic in this wonderful season

Nikita Dutta - Dream Girl 

It's a ritual for me to go outdoors and play a game of basketball at least once during the rains. With the crazy working schedule I am hoping I can keep up to that. 

Dimple Jhangiani - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Dimple Jhangiani

My best season is monsoons. I love getting wet .I usually go to Lonawala with my friends on tiger point get wet have garam pakoda at the top get wet play loud music in the car and dance. Rainy season rain dance take away all my tiredness & stress after that I love to have hot tea with garam pakodas.

Neelu Vaghela - Diya Aur Baati Hum 

Diya Aur Baati Hum

I and Arvindji always enjoy the first rains, this time too we enjoyed the first rain shower on our terrace with family. 

Vineet Raina - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 

Vineet Raina

Special connection with rain is when I came to Mumbai. It was monsoon season and I used to struggle in rains. I do feel romantic in rains especially towards the nature and mother earth since rain gives birth to lives be it trees, animal’s, bird’s and humans.

Aalika Shaikh - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 

Aalika Sheikh

Rainy season the season of love happiness and showers of beautiful heat slapping drips of water. My favourite season of all time when I get the most to enjoy outdoors and love the long rainy bike rides. Wish you all a very happy monsoon.

Sreejita De - Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Sreejita De

I love rainy season, you can say it's my favourite season. I love to get drenched, dance in the rain, go out for long drives and listen to romantic songs. Even I love to sit in the balcony and watch out when it's raining I love chai and vada pav at the shoot with my co actors in this season

Sonia Balani - Tu Mera Hero

Rains Yes! It makes me feel nostalgic, it reminds me of my School days. This is amongst my favourite season, I love the muddy fragrance when it rains. I love everything about rains.

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Comments (12)

Neil Bhatt you are a fabulous actor. Wish great success for you

8 years ago

terribly disappointed with thbst promising actors like neil n sreejita r wasted there

8 years ago

love you sonia you are doing great job as Panchi.Rains is mine fav too.
THBST is not upto the mark didnt expect such creepy show.Promos were promising but result is something else.I dint expect such kind of role for sreejita.

8 years ago

Dimple Jhangiani

8 years ago

sreejita de enjoy rain , it's my fav season too :)

8 years ago

Neil Bhatt, you are a brilliant and method actor. Hope you reach great heights.

8 years ago

Okay thankfully india-forums, you don't call mohsin MOSHIN anymore but now what's this pic of nikita ..that's not even nikita
why you do this :'(

8 years ago

Hey Neil, love rain and hope to experience monsoon some day. Btw its a step up from "rimjhim gire saawan" to " tumhi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere, pyar, pyar, pyar". Monsoon and Kishore Ji's romantic numbers are the way to go, love your singing, leaves me smiling for days :). Hope you and Sreejita get some quality and depth in your roles soon, terribly disappointed with the way the show is going. But you guys will always have my support. Enjoy monsoon.

8 years ago

loved megha as reeti ,ur doing fantastic job n bd .

8 years ago

But I hate rains..still I love u sreejita and Neil disappointed with tumhi Bandhu...very disappointing show... hope best for u...

8 years ago

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