Actors acting pricey on Imagine

The two leading ladies on NDTV Imagine, Mona Singh and Megha Gupta are giving a tough time to their producers and channel...

The Jassi girl, Mona Singh who has won two reality shows is acting pricey these days on the sets of Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi. The actress is giving high time to the team and the star cast.
“She doesn’t take calls properly and gives a tough time to the production team on the sets of the show,” says our khabroo.
After winning Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Mona is on sky nine. “She has become uncontrollable. When a journo called her, she ended up being rude. We don’t have an idea of what happened between the two, but Mona was very pissed off”, states our source.
Besides that, another actress from the show Main Teri Parchhain Hoon, Megha Gupta aka Aanchal has been little difficult to handle. “She calls media on the sets for her Nach interviews without informing the channel or the production house. This sometimes creates confusion which is difficult to handle,” adds the khabroo.
For Megha, we can just say that nach ke liye kuch bhi karega. For Mona, it’s just that success is getting into her head… why not, for she has bagged plumpy offers from Bollywood.
Author and Reporter: Rachana Trivedi


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white-heat 11 years ago Wow, I didnt realize even Megha would resort to such things. I guess for some people, stardom REALLY does go to the head!
angie4 11 years ago This content is hidden.
eternal 11 years ago This content is hidden.
LoveStruck21 11 years ago This content is hidden.
desichica 11 years ago I think every since mona singh & whoever her so called partner made fun of the HIndu myth by enacting the role of Sita mata.....I have lost ALL respect towards her ......first of all she never was attractive in jassi jaisi even after her makeover but i used to like her acting...but u know wut they say inner beauty is more than physical beauty....which obviously this bi*#@ does not have either one...but as far as megha...dont know too much bout her
xarmaanloverx 11 years ago Theres 2 sides to every story but non the less not a mona fan either LOL
justaminute 11 years ago Hope Megha mends her ways. Cannot believe she would be so unproofessional. Think of fellow casts/crew. Production house of respect needs to be respected
Tani91 11 years ago I agree with shockalot...I dont think Megha is stuck up in any way she is so sweet and innocent in her interviews and such...dont know the same about Mona though....

but for both the ladies I hope they stop doing this soon
*Shruti* 11 years ago I hope the matter gets sorted out soon!!
togepe30 11 years ago Here''s an Idea....Kick them out !! Y put up with the nonsense when it is clear that the actor throwing the tantrum is NOT worth it in any whichever way !!
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