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Actor Priyanshu Jora hurts his back; Shoot stalled!

While his injury was a minor one, it has taken some time for the actor to recuperate!


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With scintillating performances by dancing jodi's, And TV's High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar is breaking all stereotypes when it comes to dance reality shows. Bringing to viewers, an amazing concept and entertaining world class dancing, the team has been leaving no stone unturned indeed.

Recently, in his zest to perform his professional duties to the best of his capabilities, Priyanshu Jora, the show's host suffered a minor back problem.

Owing to his injury, the shoot had to be stalled for a few hours, because Priyanshu had a shifting spasm, which began from his back. Just as the judges were about to comment on the dancing jodi - Rishab and Sumit's performance, Priyanshu signalled the production team to pause the shoot for some time.

Our source informs us, "Priyanshu stepped aside and began to flex his muscles, thinking it will release the catch in his back, instead it stiffened further. While the on-set physiotherapist rushed to check on him, it was judge Ahmed Khan who came to his rescue and helped him with some basic exercises that relieved the pain and spasm too."

The seasoned choreographer taught him some basic stretches and gave him a lifelong mantra to follow, he said, "Drink lots of water". Once he was examined and cleared by the on-set physiotherapist, the shoot resumed.

Later when asked about the incident, Priyanshu said, "It was a spasm, a basic back catch, caused due to dehydration and long hours of standing. Generally, we are not habituated to standing for 10 hours or so. It was my body's way of reacting and saying that you need to do more to keep me healthy (smiles). I guess it's the initial phase, so the body is taking its own time to adapt."

Priyanshu, who was all praises for Ahmed Khan said, "Ahmed sir, was so prompt and he in an instance came to my side and helped me by doing the right stretches to release the catch, Pheww!! (laughs). It was a weird feeling, I was like getting cramps everywhere. But, as soon as this episode of spasms got over, I was back on the floor."

We wish you good health Priyanshu and as Ahmed Khan suggested - Drink lots of water.

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