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Achint's fashion Quotient.

So what does Achint kaur like in her wardrobe...lets find out from the tall lassy herself...

Published: Saturday,Jun 02, 2007 13:00 PM GMT-06:00
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Achint Kaur reveals her Style Statement

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She is creating ripples with her act in Virrudh... She is also someone who always has had a different style statement, no matter what role she did. Achint Kaur has always managed to create a distinctive look.

Let quiz this elegant lady more on this:

How important is fashion to you?

Achint: Fashion per say is not very important to me. When it comes to clothes, makeup I usually wear what I feel comfortable in. It has nothing to do with what’s in, it has got everything to do with what I feel like. I am like a very clean cut person. I don’t like too much of tam jham.

Vedica in Virudh have a very strong sense of style be that bright red lipstick or the clothes, who came up with that look?

Achint: I came up with that look. As I do my own makeup for the past 10 years I was looking for something different. One has to realize that makeup act as a prop in the serial to define the character that you are playing. Its not about looking nice. As, my character in the serial is about a person who is an alcoholic, I realized that I cannot put heavy eye makeup as that will enhance my eyes and make me look larger brighter and very alert and that is something that I did not want.
I like experimenting and hence came up with an idea of letting my eyes be me, but at a same time the character still have life and it should not look dead. Keeping that in mind I decided to go for dark lipsticks. Deep brown, red or bright pinks all these colors are very woman color and not a teenage one. My look in the serial is very contemporary and western.

Well, that was Vedika’s style statement how about Achint, what’s her style?

Achint: Any character that Achint portray in the serial is her style statement.

How did you manage to stay so slim, fit and sexy?

Achint: Sexy I don’t know trim I am because of genetics also and I have to pump up a lot to be visible. I have a very peculiar problem if I do not workout I loose weight. Imagine if I don’t you will not be able to see me; I won’t even fit into a size 0. I really try to keep myself fit but never 10 on 10 but I try to reach 70%

Well Achint with this problem of yours, all the ladies definitely envy you, as you can eat as much as you want without the fear of getting fat. Infact, it is more the merrier for you.

Did you ever considered to become a model like you have a great height and very good figure?

Achint: No never. Thought might have crossed my mind initially because when I entered the field I wanted to do everything that I have not earlier. Commercial I have done too many. I have done close to 50, 55 commercials initially. As far as fashion or walking the ramp is something that I did not want to do it, perhaps never enjoyed it.

One accessory you can’t do without?

Achint: Thinking about it there is no accessory that I cannot do without. I am a kind of a person who goes for a shoot and carries luggage as if traveling for a month. You will see me wondering around the sets talking to people with no ornaments or watch or mobile.
I am also that kind of a person but if you leave me wondering around in the sets, talking

What do you carry in that luggage?

Achint: It has my shoes, makeup kit, hair equipment, purse everything. Mainly to do with the shoot.

Do you fetish for anything like shoes, clothes or purse?

Achint: I love all of them. I love clothes, shoes, bags, watches everything.

So are you the person who wants to match everything to T?

Achint: No, No. I don’t have fetish for matching stuffs, no etana detail mai nahi. May be yes if I am going out for evening then but I am the person who run to buy something. If I don’t have it, mobile I won’t carry have anything which required carrying a purse.

Your favorite brand?

Achint: I don’t have any favorite brand. I buy from everywhere. As for favorite goes lets say Victoria Secret because I shop a lot.

You don’t have Victoria Secret out let in India, do you?

Achint: No you don’t have it in India. I have been shopping online from past 3 years.

Who is your Favorite designer?

Achint: I don’t have any favorite. I am not a favorite, best color type.

If you were a fashion designer then which celebrity would you like to dress?

Achint: If I can call myself a celebrity then I would like to dress up myself first. I am self obsessed completely. Don’t ask me these questions it wont make any sense.

Who do you think needs a change in wardrobe in the industry currently?

Achint: Most of them, particularly no but most of them. Lets be politically correct.

Who do you think is best dressed in the glamour world?

Achint: I can’t say best dressed but I will talk about the television industry right now. In television I like the way Shweta Salve, Simone Singh dress up for an occasion. There are two girls who really know how to dress very well and carry themselves well. So these are the two girls I must say.

Well that was tall lassy Achint sharing her style mantra with India-Forums. Keep tuned for the next celebrity!!
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-Believe- 15 years ago Ghai is good director...but action film??!!
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reemx 15 years ago good interview but I think she is wierd man
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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kal-el 15 years ago is she ever gonna have a positive role in a drama, she is always the evil one but then again if we saw her in a good role we would be waiting for her to turn anyway
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HarshuKiDeewani 15 years ago great interview... thnk u sooo much... she's acting so very well in Viruddh, i love her acting in it
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-Jwalamukhi- 15 years ago I like Anchint especially from PKG and Virrudh.
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THiNKiN OF YOU 15 years ago that was a really good article!
thank you!
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anku2cute 15 years ago wowie she hs a bindaas

her comment on her luggage ws funny..she carries luggage fr a month on a

also her figure is just wowieeeee

thanks fr d nice article
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anishma24 15 years ago lovely article! but achint is so thin nah?
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priyankap 15 years ago she is a gud actress bt i dont lik her puttin the red lipstick in virudh
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