Achint Kaur lends her voice in Ladies Special..

Achint Kaur provides voice over in Sony's Ladies Special, produced by Optimystix Entertainment.

Achint Kaur is famous for the portrayal of powerful characters on screen. We now have the lady donning a new avtar, but this time it is behind the screen as she lends her voice in Sony's Ladies Special, produced by Optimystix Entertainment.

The voice heard in the background narrating tales of the ladies in the show and connecting their stories together is of Achint's. When asked about her voice over in Ladies Special Achint said, "The production house approached me because they wanted a voice which is dominating and at the same time narrates with all emotions, the different stories of the ladies and binds them together".

This is the first time that Achint is giving a voice over for a daily soap. "I had done voice over long back for documentaries, but when it comes to serial on television, this is the first time", quips the actress.

We talked to Sanjiv Sharma, CEO, Optimystix who said, "We were looking for a good voice and at the same time an actor who could narrate the tales well, and found that in Achint Kaur".

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Achint Kaur

Comments (5)

She sure does have a powerful voice.

14 years ago

Shes a good actress and her voiceover is adding to the USP of this wonderful show!

14 years ago

I noticed that in yesterday's episode. I love her acting, it would have been great if she was actually in the show rather than just her voice....

14 years ago

i lik her voice... wanna listen her voice in de show..thanks 4 sharing

14 years ago

Yah, that voice also sounds like Achints sound... She's doing a gr8 job but plzz come back as a Tv-astress... Miss u...

14 years ago

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