Abhinav Shukla reveals quitting smoking, Wife Rubina Dilaik calls him brave

Abhinav Shukla took to his Instagram handle to share how quitting cigarettes was the best decision of his life.

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Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla

Abhinav Shukla, a renowned figure in the television world, is celebrated for his passion for nature trekking, picturesque vacations, and a health-conscious lifestyle. As he prepares for fatherhood, Abhinav took to his Instagram platform today to candidly share a remarkable chapter of his life: his successful journey to quit smoking, an achievement lauded as 'brave' by his wife, Rubina Dilaik.

In a heartfelt video shared by Abhinav, he opens up about his decision to quit smoking, deeming it the most significant choice he has ever made. Recalling his days as a smoker in 2012, he underlines his commitment to eventually break free from the habit. Abhinav shares the challenges he faced during his three previous attempts to quit smoking before ultimately succeeding. He also emphasizes Rubina Dilaik's strong aversion to smoking and smokers. Abhinav takes a stand against the common practice of indulging in a '5-minute smoke break' while sipping tea and cites instances of people missing flights due to their smoking habits. He earnestly appeals to everyone to embark on the journey to quit smoking.

Abhinav wrote, ''Ist Best Decision revealed! I was smoker for 3 years i quit cold turkey in 2012. 2nd best decision would not have been possible if 1st didn’t happen Ruby hates smoking and smokers. I had 2 failed attempts at quitting but 3rd was final! Mountaineering , rock climbing and Trekking would not have been pleasurable if i continued that bad habit! #quitsmoking''


Sharing this video of husband Abhinav on her Instagram story, Rubina called this decision of husband Abhinav 'Brave.'

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Glad he got rid of the bad habit .

3 months ago

LOL!!! What is braveness in leaving smoking?? It is for his own health. Please do not re-define braveness into such stupid things.

3 months ago

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