Abhijeet Sawant roots for Bengali babu...

The winner of Indian Idol 1 is all in, to support Rajdeep Chatterjee in his journey to becoming the next Idol...

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Indian Idol 4 contestant Rajdeep Chatterjee better known for his killer-smile, not only has a huge female fan following, but also has another idol to look up to!! Yes, we are talking about the winner of the first Season Abhijeet Sawant, our very own Mumbai ka mulga…

Apparently Abhijeet is so impressed with Rajdeep's singing and dedication, that he invited him for a special New Year lunch. While celebrations, music and fun were on the itinerary, Abhijeet didn't conclude the afternoon without giving the aspiring singer some expert advice.

Abhijeet gave some handy tips on how to deal with pressure, improving singing style and stage performances etc. Rajdeep was more than delighted with the time he spent with his idol.

Rajdeep with his usual smile said, “This is the best day ever and I value all the tips which Abhijeet bhaiya gave me. It is going to be very handy for me”.

With all the Idol tips in his kitty, it’s now to be watched, how far this Bengali babu proceeds in Indian Idol!!

Abhijeet Sawant

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hindu4lyf 12 years ago I''m with chitaraji, the one and the only deserving Indian Idol.
Reallyy hope Rajdeep wins! But we''ll probably get a sandeep, even better a prashant lol.
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Cheetara 12 years ago I''m so glad Abhi is rooting for Rajdeep! i hope Rajdeep wins.....Abhi was the first and the last REAL Indian Idol.......
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mimi0295 12 years ago Awee, so cutee!
I love Rajdeep! My smiley face! haha
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~*puja*~ 12 years ago that is so sweet of Abhijeet!!!

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