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Abhay and Surbhi to go thro' torture in Pratha..

The leads of Rishton Se Badi Pratha, Abhay and Surbhi will go thro physical torture of the first order in the coming episodes..

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COLORS' Rishton Se Badi Pratha saw the horrifying death of Amreek (Kunal Karan Kapoor) last week. And this week it is the turn of the main leads, Abhay (Vishal Karwal) and Surbhi (Shalini Chandran) to go thro' their share of torture. Tonight's episode will see Abhay and Surbhi getting caught in the airport by Tribuhvan (Zeb Khan) and Abhay's father. They bring both to their hideout place and start beating them black and blue.

Our source says, "Abhay and Surbhi will go thro' lot of torture. While Abhay will be beaten by one and all, Surbhi's face will be put inside water which will make her gasp for breath. The scenes  will be at its violent best, there will be scenes where Abhay will be dragged thro' mud. For the first time in Indian Television, the female lead will go thro' horrible times when she gets harassed equally. As this happens, Subhi's family also reach the place. Both the families are not interested in their son/daughter; while Abhay's family is after the skin of Surbhi, Surbhi's family want to kill Abhay. Soon both the families will strike a deal to swap their kids and harass them fully until they breathe their last".

We too hear that Tribhuvan and his father will eventually decide to kill Abhay. Also, a particular past related to Abhay's family will get revealed in the coming episodes which will explain why the family is so much into Honour Killing.

The scenes were the leads go thro' physical torture and even the fight sequences have been shot very realistically, which will leave the audience stunned. We also hear that there will be a twist in the tale when the families get to know that Surbhi is in fact pregnant with Abhay's child.

We contacted Tribhuvan aka Zeb Khan to know more on the track but he refused to comment as he says, "I agree that some twist is about to arrive, but you have to watch the show."

Well, get ready for some violent action in Pratha..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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sweet16kanchi 10 years ago WOW,what a show. UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCES. ZEB KHAN is OUTSTANDING. i m a great fan of him. good to see him back in the show. i am sure he is fine now.
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luv_khanak 10 years ago i really feel pity on both abhay and surbhiiii,but it is woderful shw to watch. i like zeb khan in the shw.even ranvijay is good. great work. ALL THE BEST
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Shaina_b 10 years ago Amreek died for nothing it seems!!!!!

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LimitLessFan 10 years ago Oh My goodness, *Jaya shivers* , now this is realistic, i have seen worse than this ............
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mooneyes 10 years ago o my God toucher n violent
no poor surbi n abhay

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chemestry 10 years ago it will be very sad to watch abhay surbhi tortured but as par the story n concept and reality it will be different to see the track
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.LovelyDreamer. 10 years ago Oh no...They are going to tortured our Abhay and Surbhi......:((:((

Btw, Thnks for the article...
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