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Aastha weds Swayam in Babul...

Sony's Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa sees a new twist which will leave the audience in shock!! Get an insight here...

Published: Tuesday,Jul 08, 2008 17:22 PM GMT-06:00
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Ratna Sinha’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa is surely going the filmy way as the entire Ranawat family is taken aback when Aastha, the loyal Bahu of the house decides to marry Swayam, played by Rahil Azam.

To get an insight on the track ahead, we talked to Ratna Sinha the Producer of Babul who says, “Well, the story now takes a new turn with Aastha going against the elders of Ranawat family and marrying Swayam”. So what does the future hold for Shubh?, we ask her. “The very interesting part is that Shubh is the only person who accepts this marriage”, quips Ratna.

She adds on to say, “There is a big reason for Aastha to take this step. I cannot go into more details as of now. But I can tell you that Shubh supports her in all her decisions. The track will now focus on varying points of view, whether it be Aastha leading a happy married life with Swayam, to the fact that the whole family has turned against Astha, while on the other hand, Swayam is still under the impression that he is wedded to his love, Payal”. So does this mean that Payal is alive? To this, Ratna comes up with, “Maybe or may not be!!”.

Whatever it is, the thought that lingers in our mind right now is, What has prompted Astha to take this major step? Is Payal really alive? If this is the case, where is Aastha? Or is it that Aastha has suddenly developed ‘silent’ love for Swayam?

Well, this surely is a Catch-22 situation for the viewers!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali

Rahil Azam

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Florina @ffern022 15 years ago She was crazy for pulling such a ridiculous stunt, with all do respect this is 21st century not the 5th, society has come to far to think something as crazy as this is considered an act of love.
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Meera @indiandoll89 15 years ago wow.....that's sad...I wanna know what song it was though....
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Rushvi @rushvi99 15 years ago Crazy woman seriously. But extremely sad.
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SPaddict @SPaddict 15 years ago How Sad!! what a doorknob. Real Dumbass.
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punjabi.princes @punjabi.princes 15 years ago woahhhhh!?!? what song was it? lol
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Selina @ShellyB 15 years ago WHAT!!! if its true then that lady was one weirdo how can ne1 be soooooo stupid or naive enuff to be taken in or influenced by songs etc n commit such stupitidy
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aisha @aisha92 15 years ago woaaa....wonder wot song dat was :S
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priyanka @sunshine36 15 years ago i am sure the husband did it.............who wuld gt influncd by a song and set themselves ablaze.................creepy
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Kay @sweetsorrow18 15 years ago its pretty funny just HOW ridiculous indian soaps are getting these days...we're living in the 21st century...we need modern shows that show women empowerment...not polygomy....ugh

hence i watch asian dramas...much more realistic =)
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krriya @krriya 15 years ago how disgusting is that..i cant imagine how stupid the creatives are..i think it is kinda misguiding the public to show things this way..:(
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