Aastha Sharma reacts on Protima’s track ending & changing Neerja’s life in 'Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan'?

With Portima's track ending in Colors TV's show Neerja, her life is all set to undergo some major turbulence.

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Sneha Wagh and Aastha Sharma

Garnering the love of viewers with its riveting story, COLORS' 'Neerja... Ek Nayi Pehchaan’ has reached a pivotal turning point, leaving Neerja (Aastha Sharma) to navigate challenging circumstances on her own in Sonagachi, her place of residence. Throughout her journey, Neerja has overcome more than her fair share of obstacles, transforming from a naive girl to a resilient young woman who defies societal norms. 

Soon, the show is set to witness a highly dramatic twist where Neerja wakes up to discover that her mother, Protima, is missing. Unaware that her mother suspects Didun, the madame of Sonagachi, of conspiring against Neerja, the protagonist faces a perilous situation. Didun and Trisha have devised a plan to kill Neerja, but Protima becomes aware of this sinister plot and is determined to shield her daughter. Aastha Sharma, portraying the character of Neerja, hints at a shocking turn of events with the disappearance of Protima.  The question arises: Will Neerja succeed in locating Protima and carve out a new identity on her own terms?

Discussing the dramatic twist in 'Neerja... Ek Nayi Pehchaan,’ Aastha Sharma states, ”The audience has witnessed Neerja standing against many challenges, and they love the show because it prompts them to contemplate how far a girl from Sonagacchi can go to protect her mother, secure a dignified life, and earn the love of her life. After numerous ups and downs, Neerja experiences the biggest shock that leaves her future uncertain. At this point in the story, all I can say is there are many unanswered elements with Protima going missing. I don’t know how Neerja will face the situations, but I am certain that she will continue to inspire audiences and remain resilient, as she always has. I hope the audience continues to shower their love on the show and stands by Neerja.”

Are you excited for the upcoming track of the show? 

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