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'Aakash is the most controversial contestant' - Jay Bhanushali

Jay, the second wild-card entrant on Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bhachao, speaks on his Jungle Jaunt…

Published: Thursday,Jul 30, 2009 18:04 PM GMT-06:00
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A big surprise for the fans of Jay Bhanushali as the actor makes his way to the jungles of Malaysia to carry out dangerous tasks and live amidst many controversial contestants.. Jay swears he breathes on adventure and so couldn't miss out this opportunity to taste it as raw as they come.

The peppy actor talks more about his wild trip a day before he flew out …

What made you agree to do such a scary show?
Umm… The money is good. (Laughs) It is good enough to take care of me for the next two years. Okay, I'll cut the jokes out. I wanted to get the raw feel of staying in a jungle. Also, my favorite nephew is a big fan of Iss Jungle. When I was offered the wild card entry he pestered me to get into it.

Have you been following the show till now?
Yupp. I have.

Which is your favorite episode?
The one where Mona got dressed up as a ghost and played a prank on Negar. That was way too good!

How do you plan to entertain the audience on the show?
By being very naughty. I too, would love to pull out pranks on people. Right now I'm taking tips from my little nephew for that!

You do realize you are the first chocolate boy to enter the jungle.
Yeah (laughs). I hope I don't turn out to be last one.

You've said you don't do politics. How do you plan to cope with the politics of the jungle?
By ignoring them. That has always been my mantra. If there's something happening that I don't like, I just tune it out of my brain.

You are a veggie. The tasks sometimes include eating creepy crawly things.
My contract clearly states that I won't be given any tasks that go against my ethical values.

Shweta Tiwari walked out of the show due to homesickness. Will you too have that problem?
Yes, I will. I know and I dread the fact that I will miss my family terribly. You know my nephew's birthday falls during my time in Malaysia. And I'm feeling very bad that I won't be there to wish him. I will wish him through the camera and I hope he watches it.

So do you plan to take something along with you to cope with homesickness?
I will be carrying a few photos of my family with me.

Who will you miss the most?
Obviously my nephew.

Do you have any agenda set to complete during your stint in the jungle?
Yes, to have fun and enjoy myself to the fullest.

How would you react if someone simply messed up with you?
Like I said I would just ignore that person. I won't gossip or tease someone. But if I'm at the receiving end of it, I would simply ignore and when they see that their provocation is not getting out any reaction from me, they will simply stop it.

You feel you would come back with new friends?
Why not? I feel there's every possibility of it happening as well as not happening.

Who do you think is the most controversial contestant?
Undoubtedly, Aakashdeep.

Who do you think has tackled the jungle sensibly?
Marc and Anaida.

Are the unhygienic living conditions a problem for you?
No not at all. (Laughs) In fact I'm the kind of boy who used to get pushed into the bathroom to wash up.

And what about the not-so-palatable food?
Haan, that will be a problem. Because I simply love food. I guess that will motivate me to complete the tasks.

Any particular fear or apprehension about the show?
Not really, except homesickness.

Do you think you got what it takes to be a winner?
I'm not here to win at all.

Why so?
Because of my past records. In all of my previous attempts at winning I've been a millimeter close to the finishing line and then taken a sudden U-turn. Therefore, I'm really not pressurizing myself to focus on winning. I will give my best and enjoy myself. If I'm destined to win, my best efforts will work it out.

Catch his entry this Monday the 3rd of August, at 10 pm in Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao on Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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MonaS @MasterKatara18 14 years ago Aww cant wait to see him. That's the spirit Jay! Stay away from Akash and his pathetic comments O_O
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jukum @jukum 14 years ago all the best jay and i like u sooooooo much .i am waiting 4 u
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desicrowd @desicrowd 14 years ago Aww Jay...it will be a pleasant change to have you on the show...all the best and plz entertain us...
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sk @raaspach 14 years ago All the best jay.Come soon.waiting for ur entry.
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Nadz_YuNalover @Nadz_YuNalover 14 years ago Yayyyy now its gonna be fun! luv ya jay!
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K@$hif@ @xxKashifaxx 14 years ago aww jay luv u <3
just hope tumhare task itne burre na ho and u get no prob
god bless u <3
my chocolate boy
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desire_20 @desire_20 14 years ago i love him im soooo excited dat he is comin in d show.... rellllllllle hope he wins dis
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surveen @surveen_kapoor 14 years ago eheheh he loves his nephew soo mcuh hehehe
lookign froward to see u jay :D...
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bmtdluver @bmtdluver 14 years ago cool, can't wait......will be interesting. his answers were really good- he's really sweet. hope he does well
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Adil112 @Adil112 14 years ago lets see how he copes with the jungle challanges
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