Aahana Kumra to host Colors Infinity’s latest reality show ‘The Inventor Challenge’

The show will feature on Colors Infinity on television and stream on The Inventor Challenge YouTube channel too.

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Aahana Kumra

Big ideas and inventors always need a big stage. The Inventor Challenge, a Colors Infinity Original, is a one-of-a-kind competitive reality show is just that! It could be a Eureka moment, a prototype ready for testing, a technological masterpiece, the upcoming show will be the destination where these inventions will come to life. With all eyes on who will be the host, the makers have made the big reveal by announcing Aahana Kumra, the extremely talented actor and model, as the host of the show. This talented, new-age performer will add a charm of her own by making inventors feel at ease amid all the excitement and brainstorming sessions. The show will feature on Colors Infinity on television and stream on The Inventor Challenge YouTube channel too.

Watching ideas turn into reality never sounded more fun. Audiences will have the front seat to the complete entertainment as contestants pitch their ideas to win a cash prize to further develop their prototype. Various participants from the maker community, yet talented, inventors will get the opportunity to discuss their propositions with a dynamic panel, who will then select a few inventors to proceed forward. Next in line are the mentors, who will help the top two inventors nurture their ideas in live lab locations and turn them into ground-breaking concepts. Finally, these ideas will be brought to life and presented to various consumer focus groups. Such is the charm and feel of the show that along with the contestants, it might also inspire viewers to become future inventors themselves. Inventors across the country and all age groups will be seen showcasing their inventions on the show. The youngest inventor on the show is eight years old.


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Expressing her delight to be a part of this unique show as a host, Aahana Kumra adds, “The Inventor Challenge has an interesting concept. What I like the most is that the show will not only provide a space for innovations to thrive, but also help inventors to develop their ideas and take them forward. You don't usually come across a show like this that showcases the fascinating journey of the next big inventor and invention. I’m confident that The Inventor Challenge will engage viewers and will receive appreciation from the critics too. I can’t wait for it to go live.” 

 Be a part of this thrill ride called The Inventor Challenge on Colors Infinity and on the new YouTube channel of The Inventor Challenge

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