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Aaditi Gupta to continue???

As news of Aaditi Gupta of Kis Desh Mein being sacked makes rounds, Telly Buzz talks to the actress to get her point of view...

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Aaditi Gupta, popularly known as Heer in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil is pretty shocked with the news making rounds that she has been unceremoniously dumped from the serial. Without wasting a second, we asked her about her present status with regards to the serial and she was equally quick to say, “They talk of me playing tantrums and me reporting late to work. But when I am on the sets from morn to night busy shooting and doing nothing else, where does the point of ‘coming late’ and ‘throwing tantrums’ arise?”.

Ask her whether she is aware of the news that she has been sacked from the serial, the actress gives out a shocked expression and says, “You need to ask Vikas about all this”. We again quiz her to know whether she is shooting for the serial presently or no and pat comes the reply, “I packed up just now, where I shot for my death sequence”. Taking this as a clue, we again ask her whether she has been given a narration about her track getting over or about the fact that she has lost her job. “Where did you hear this? If you want to know the future of my character, then you better talk to Vikas because I have not been informed of anything”, says Aaditi.

We could not stop but ask her whether she has had some talks with Ekta or the channel about the same to which she quips, “I will be talking to Vikas, now that I got to know of many things written and spoken against me”. Before ending, we try again to ask her on the track ahead, but she says, “If you want to know what happens to Heer and what will be her future, you just need to wait and watch!!!”

Amidst this, all our efforts to get Vikas Goopta, Creative Head on phone is in vain as his cell is either not reachable or in switched off mode.

However, a well-placed source from the sets feeds us with some vital information that “Ekta and the channel authorities have had a talk with Aaditi yesterday and things have been sorted out now and that there is every possibility of the actress continuing!!”.

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brownies 13 years ago im only going to this thing to meet ritesh deshmukh...i dont care about the bachchans.

this concert better take place.
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SecretKhabri420 12 years ago I don't think that Aditi is continue the show, maybe she will be replaced.........
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cookies10 12 years ago i don't want her to leave because nobody else will look good with prem
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iluvfriends 13 years ago yes it really hurts when ur fave jodi splits i agree i still feel heartbroken about what happened wid shilpa and even though i am not a huge kis heer and prem is one of my fave jodis and i dont want them to split up 2 :)
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_Ananya_ 13 years ago I'll be happy if she doesn't leave only because I know what it feels like when your favourite jodi is split up by the stupid production house.I too was really crushed when Shilpa Anand was replaced in DMG.I hope that Ekta has more brains than the DMG team and doesn't replace Additi like the stupid DMG team who replaced Shilpa. All the best to Additi and her fans!!
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iluvfriends 13 years ago oh she is will be continuing...goood :)
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princess1606 13 years ago thank youu soo muchh i realllyyy wantt Heer to continue in the serial her a prem rock the serial! if she ever left i woul reallyy nott likee the seriel andd hate why she left! |
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ArjaAddict 13 years ago happy news to all KDMHMD viewers.n bad news for KASTURI viewers bcoz der is a news dat kasturi is going to leave the show:(:(.hope as aditi she also stays back.:):)
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-Afreen- 13 years ago ohh man that is soo relieving:D

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I-love-dmg 13 years ago To be honest there are times when I personally feel that she can't act. But maybe in the future episodes she's be able to prover herself better.
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