A wink before death for Sanskruthi...

Sanskruthi, played by Aanchal in Santaan will die this week, but not before passing a cute message to her friend Karthik...

The bubbly character of Sanskruthi in Star Plus’ Santaan will soon come to an end with the girl’s death!!

Sanskruthi, played by Aanchal entered the show in a cameo role as Karthik’s (Sudeep Sahir) friend, who later falls in love with him. But destiny has something else in store for her, and the girl gets to know that she is suffering from Cancer. Finally she plays a big role in uniting Anusha (Mitika Sharma) and Karthik again.

However, when Aanchal was shooting for her last scene in the show, the creatives asked her to wink just before her death; the actress was not convinced at all, and refused to do the scene.

“I was not ready to accept the concept that a person who is about to die will wink. But later on, my creative explained that as my character was so very bubbly and full of life, I should be winking before dying and thus passing on a message to Karthik that he has to enjoy life the fullest, and look forward to his future”, quips the actress.

“Only after I got this explanation, I agreed to do the scene”, adds the actress.

Sanskruthi will be shown breathing her last sometime this week..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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styleislife13 11 years ago Awwwwwwwwwwww thats a sad scene..........
But different style with the wink.............
Its a cool concept.LOL..............
-Yuks- 11 years ago I''m sad that she''s dying, but this means that there''s no way she can ever come between Kartik and Anu in the future.
smart amy girl
smart amy girl 11 years ago ohkk...dieing wid a wink....kewl...thanx
brainychild92 11 years ago okay... thats a wierd thing to do whhile dying.. but hey its different.lol!
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 11 years ago gsh winking karthik while dying... sumthng strange
Angel-A 11 years ago aww sad.. she is dying.. lvdher character in santaan.. thnx alot..
KashIsHeaven 11 years ago is she gonna be cast in a new drama or what?
Jessuu 11 years ago woah thats wierd..just yesterday i saw an epi of santaan..and this girl..sanskruthi was in it..she was so cute..so bubbly..her and the sudeep looked soooooo cute together..
now shes dying..awwe...sad =(
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