A Treat with Music and Sumptuous food in SRGMP this week...

SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs this week has a treat or two in store for viewers. What exactly are these treats, to know that you have to read on...?

“If music be the food for soul, play on” - This is the essence of this week’s SaReGaMaPaLil Champ Show. Food, melody, magic and treat are the keywords of this week’s theme. So get ready for a grand time and some brilliant performances and reconnect with some great melodies of our times.

The Friday, February 1 episode is a much awaited one. It is Suresh Wadkar Speciall dedicated to the L'il Champ esteemed Judge Sureshji. The Lil Maharathi’s not only have selected some of his best songs to sing, but have gone all out to give their best performance too. Sureshji will set the show rolling with a grand opening where he along with his students will perform a classical medley in front of not only the kids but will also mesmerize the special guest - Vishal, his family and friends. The evening is in true sense made special with ever-green songs of his, that still touch our hearts like chapa-chapa charkha chale, Ae Zindagi Gale Laga le, Sapne mein Milti hai Kudi etc. Well this is not it; there is more - Sonu will surprise everyone by disclosing that Vishal was the hidden source behind the popular jingle of yesteryears – “Jungle Jungle Baat Chaali Hai Pataa Chala Hai, Arae Chaddi Pehan Ke Phool Khila Hai Phool”. That catchy tune of the jingle had not only touched the heart of the kids, but it even had left an impression on the adults as well.

If Friday's show is a treat for all music lovers, then Saturday’s theme will surely make all hungry. After all, when one visits a Café what else can they think of, beside food and some good music?

On Saturday February 2, the theme is Café songs. The special guest of the evening is Kunal Khemu who is welcomed warmly to the to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs café. On Saturday, the set will be transformed into a Café, a real café that serves everything from coffee to pastries, cookies, biscuits etc and of course – some catchy good songs too.

Which song will be sung by whom? Who will get eliminated, Who is the treat to ears, who eats what, to know all these and more, tune in to Zee, SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs on Feb Friday, Feb 1st and Saturday Feb 2nd at 10 PM IST. You wouldn’t want to miss this super duper sumptuous musical treat.

Author: Barnali

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Kunal Khemu

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....vishal and shekar vishal?...ok lol..seems like a good week. Waiting to watch!

16 years ago

Eeps, this elimination is going to be terrible :|

Yayyy, so sweet, they're doing a dedicated for Sureshji too... and wow, Kunal Khemu is all over the place, he's been in Sony and now here too!

Thanks for the article Barnalidi!

16 years ago

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