A Tablespoon of Fairytale!

What is the secret to creating the epitome of the most ridiculous Bollywood scenes? Why, a tablespoon of fairy tale, of course!

In a world outside of Bollywood, less is more. But in the world of Bollywood, more is less. Excessively lame humour, imaginative action scenes and fairy tale love stories are just some of the ingredients needed for a successful Bollywood movie. What is the secret to creating the epitome of the most ridiculous Bollywood scenes? Why, a tablespoon of fairy tale, of course! Past and present, let's look at the best examples Tinsel Town has dished out for us. 

The delayed flight - for an airplane proposal?

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While airplane proposals have become somewhat of a trend in both Bollywood and Tellywood alike, it seems to be a tad difficult to digest such scenes for us at BollyCurry. While others may describe it as romantic for Ajay Devgn to rush to his lady love (Kajol) in Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) to profess his love on an airplane, to us, it only becomes a cause for worry. Unless his need to proclaim his love was a case of life or death, perhaps grounding an entire passenger airplane, all the while violating airport security laws, was not the brightest idea. Needless to say, this becomes the definition of "ridiculous". In the world of Bollywood however, the plane flies when the hero damn well pleases. End of story. 

Indian Idol - The Castaway version

Waking up in a deserted island, no matter how beautiful, is outright terrifying. However, if your only companion on the island is a beautiful girl, the winning priority is to mate and then survive, not survive and then mate. Or at least that's what the lesson was in the 2000 movie Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai starring then-debutantes, Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel. Aside from the 'accidental' kisses around a bonfire that seemed nothing short of sexual harassment in the real world, it eventually leads to a romantic song. In short, let's dance, let's sing, let's die on this island. 

F.r.i.e.n.d.s - The Castaway version

Tropical islands are the best settings for any situation, even the most impossible becomes possible as proven in Housefull 2 (2012). Aside from mating, if your companion happens to be your greatest enemy in the form of a hunky man such as John Abraham (Lord help you), your priority would then be to make him your 'mate' - in the British sense. Get deserted on an island, start a fight, roll down a mountain (and completely survive the trip) and  then shake hands to make up! That, my dears, was Bollywood's 101 on 'How To Make BFFs' because on this island, my heart will go on, just not without your friendship.

Love is blind, indeed - The master disguise

Throw on a baseball cap and some dark shades and you might just fool the crazy stalker girlfriend ten feet away from you. But if she's two feet away from your face, you might want to try something else. Perhaps a ski mask would suffice? However, 2013's much acclaimed Aashiqui 2 defies all logic of 20/20 vision with the vegetables scene where Arohi (Shraddha Kapoor), so blinded by her rage over her tomatoes, fails to recognize the famous man in front of her face, standing close enough to smell the reeking liquor off of him - at least, we hope she could have. Not all senses can be faulty, can they? Watch out ladies and gentlemen, we've got a master of disguise amongst us! Well played, Bollywood, well played.

No plastic surgery, no youth revitalization creams - only Bollywood!
Please pick up the latest 'wrinkle removing' magic potion available in all Tinsel Town stores immediately before stocks runs out! Thanks to our well done promotion of the product in the 2014 film Super Naniin which Rekha's sudden transformation allows for a wrinkle free, beautiful Nani face, our sales have peaked over the decade! Ridiculous, did you say? Copy that!

In the land of Bollywood, reside powerful witches with uncanny and inhumane abilities  to conjure up magical potions like no other! Also, in the land of Bollywood, you will find the best 'Survival' and 'How To' guides should you ever be deserted on a majestic tropical island! Aside from that, please feel free to book your own passenger flight for a romantic proposal - to hell with international aviation law. With that, BollyCurry signs off.

Writer: Harjot D.
Editor[s]: Shreya S. and Jenifer A.
Graphics: Shikha 

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